Selected Works
September 11 – October 4, 2008
Private reception: Saturday, September 20, 7-11pm

450 South Main Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013
Tel: 323.223.6089
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(Katalyst) Foundation for the Arts would like to invite you to a private reception on the occasion of our relocation to the heart of the Downtown Arts District.

Kiche/Salerno/Vargas is an exhibition of recent works by three Los Angeles artists. Their areas of interest are disparate. Each artist represents unique aspects of current southern California trends.

Scott Kiche
Scott Kiche is a contemporary fine artist from Los Angeles. His work ranges from traditional realism to Surrealism. The artist was born in Guatemala in 1974 and at the age of five immigrated to the U.S with his family. Like many artists, Kiche's journey in art began at a very early age. His natural talent along with the encouragement of teachers and family helped to create in him the commitment to become a fine artist. Some of the masters who have influenced his work are Georges de La Tour, Vermeer, Rene Magritte, Dali, and Velazquez. However, his work is almost completely influenced by Surrealism. He enjoys the vast vocabulary and expressive freedom that surrealism offers. Kiche is a self taught artist. He states that the summer art programs he participated in at LACMA as a child, were extremely helpful and inspiring. “Those summers in LACMA where magical and exciting. It introduced me at a young age to a much larger universe." For the young Kiche, those early experiences set in motion his love and dedication to art. Because he realized how important and fullfiling art was to him as a child, Kiche now teaches after school art classes at local elementary LAUSD schools.

He has exhibited works in Mexico City, Virginia, Washington D.C, Maryland, Chicago and Los Angeles. He has also received awards in several group shows. Kiche's works can be found at the Orlando Gallery in Los Angeles and at LACMA’s - Art Rental and Sales Gallery. He is an active member and current vice president of the Valley Artist Guild in Los Angeles. He is also a member of the International Guild of Realism. Scott is currently on tour with the realism guild in a two year traveling museum exhibition that explores the current state of realism in the 21st century.

Michael Salerno
"If you look at the ceiling of some prehistoric caves, you will see a tangle of lines made by ancient artists, with their fingers in wet clay. We sense this is sacred and ritualistic ground, and feel a profound moment of identification between our forbears and our own humanness. Michael Salerno's work stands in a direct line from that time to the present.
Leonardo DaVinci recommended weaving a tangle of lines, and the study of it, in which you would see armies, cities, mountains and waters. Of course, beyond free association, in Michael Salerno's work you will experience much more. From Tabla Rasa to what becomes a dense multi layered field of woven line – like an active, tremulous energy field, spread before your eyes – buzzing – humming – vibrating – shimmering, you see it, you feel it... a palpable expressive surface resulting from the insistence of a continuous line, accumulating, aggregating – a deep and powerful sense of human existence.
Michael Salerno's painting is like no other painting I know. It comes about differently. Once you find your way into it, you will be blown away. He is unique, and one of the most original painters I know."  –Roland Reiss, "Painting's Edge" at Idyllwild Arts

Robert Vargas
Robert Vargas, a graduate of the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts and Pratt Institute in New York city, has been shown in the Southwest Museum, is in the permanent collection of the Gene Autry Museum, and has a strong following in downtown L.A. for his talent, but also for his activity in the community as a painter, muralist, and interior designer. Born and raised in Boyle Heights, his is a wild romance with our central city, drawing inspiration from the weathered fabric of the place, from the homeless to the rejuvenation of the historic core. Regularly featured in the underground arts paper Citizen L.A. and spotlighted on HGTV, LA Weekly, 944 Magazine, Current TV, downtown blogs, and the local news, he is one of the city’s rising stars.

* Citizen LA - His finished product has a lyrical beauty that is at times grotesque and well informed (Francis Bacon and Ralph Steadman come inevitably to mind.) Like those artists, he works fast —watching him, you get the sense that he would like to spout oil paint from his fingertips so the distance between his brain and his canvas would be shorter.

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