Carmichael Gallery Presents
“Raw Skies”
Gaia (USA), Imminent Disaster (USA), Jana Joana (Brazil), Kay2 (South Korea), Labrona (Canada), Produkt (Canada), Vitché (Brazil)
October 4th – October 26th, 2008
Opening Reception: October 4, 8PM – Midnight

1257 N. La Brea Ave., West Hollywood, CA 90038
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Gallery hours, Tuesday-Sunday, 2-7pm

Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art is proud to present Raw Skies, a group show featuring seven vibrant and diverse artists from the US, Canada, Brazil, and South Korea. Gaia, Imminent Disaster, Jana Joana, Kay2, Labrona, Produkt, and Vitché, each of whom is gaining international recognition for their innovative and inspiring urban artistry, have used a wide variety of media to contribute exciting new bodies of work to this exhibition. An opening reception will be held on Saturday, October 4th, 2008, from 8pm – Midnight. The exhibition will be open for viewing through Sunday, October 26th, 2008.

About the Artists

Gaia is a young street artist from NYC who is currently based in Charm City, Baltimore. In less than a year, he has established a strong presence on the streets of both these cities. His subject matter combines personal experience with the expression of the emotional relationship between animals and humanity. Gaia most recently participated in Poets of the Paste at Ad Hoc Art Gallery in Brooklyn.

Imminent Disaster
Imminent Disaster is an emerging Brooklyn-based artist who wheatpastes wood, linoleum and silkscreened prints. Disaster is inspired by the street as an environment: a place with people, structures and history that are constantly being destroyed and rebuilt. Combining carefully researched fact and legend, she creates figurative images and historically inspired broadsides that are glimpses of a world that has fallen through the cracks of time. Disaster has participated in the Miss Rockaway Armada with Swoon and Wooster on Spring, amongst other group and featured exhibitions.

Jana Joana
Jana Joana adorns the streets of Sao Paulo with beautifully executed black and white murals, interpreting the thoughts, emotions, and experiences of women with a fluid technique that hints of art nouveau and a finely tuned social conscience. When she is not exhibiting her work in galleries across Europe, Cuba, the US, and Brazil, she and husband Vitché are traveling the world, sharing their distinctive artistic perspective with an enchanted public.

Kay2 was born in Busan, South Korea. His interest in graffiti began while he was attending art school at Dong-A University. He has participated in a number of exhibitions and festivals around South Korea and was recently featured on Wooster Collective. This is his first exhibition in the US. With a unique talent for capturing human emotion in his stimulating portraits, Kay2 is poised to become a significant figure in the international street art scene in years to come.

Canadian artist Labrona is best known for his extraordinary paintings on freight trains that roll all over the US and Canada. “I send my thoughts and emotions on to the railways for people to see,” he says. “A train yard is like a forever-changing outdoor art gallery.” Drawing inspiration from 80s skate culture, rundown industrial areas, and German Expressionism, Labrona’s enthralling visual narratives stem from his fascination with and desire to convey raw human feeling. He has participated in group and solo exhibitions across the US, Canada, and Europe, and was most recently featured in CORKED, curated by Urban Angel at the Cork Street Gallery, London.

Produkt is a painter and street artist from Montreal, Canada. He paints from dreams, nightmares and vague memories. He likes disrupting public spaces with posters and hand painted freaks, painting on freight trains, canvases and interesting pieces of garbage and old book covers. He recently became involved in making meticulous pencil-rendered animated music videos for various musicians, which opened up a lot of doors in his mind. He is presently writing this bio, and finds it definitely awkward trying to think of interesting things to say about himself. Also he finds it strange referring to himself in the third person. He is not married, has never published a detective novel (nor has he any intention to), and once owned a goldfish but it died.

Vitche is a painter, sculptor and graffiti artist from São Paulo, Brazil. Having grown up scribing the city streets, he has developed a diverse style unlike any other. His distinctiveness is perhaps most evident in his subject matter; shying away from the hip-hop aesthetic so prevalent in graffiti, he is strongly influenced by the cultures of Polynesia, the Aztecs, and the Brazilian Indians, as well as the potent, playful symbolism of the circus. He has taken part in group and solo exhibitions at galleries in the U.S., Europe, and Latin America, including Upper Playground, Jonathan Levine Gallery, and Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art.

About Carmichael Gallery
Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art exhibits international, emerging artists, with an emphasis on underground, pop, outsider, lowbrow, street art and graffiti inspired work. In August 2007, co-curators Seth and Elisa Carmichael opened Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art as an exhibition space for presenting emerging art from around the world. Carmichael Gallery is located at 1257 N. La Brea Avenue, on the SW corner of La Brea and Fountain, West Hollywood, CA 90038. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Sunday, 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., and by appointment. For more information, please visit our website, email, or call 323.969.0600.

Autumn Exhibition and Events Calendar
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September 20 - October 12 Vida e Morte
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October 4th - October 26th Raw Skies
Gaia, Imminent Disaster, Jana Joana, Kay2, Labrona, Produkt, Vitche

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December 4th - 7th Join us at the GenArt Vanguard Art Fair in Miami where we will be previewing our 2009 lineup with work from C215, Charming Baker, Chris Stain, Dan Baldwin, Flavio Samelo, Flip, Guy Denning, Hush, Know Hope, Labrona, London Police, Sesper, Sixeart, Thais Beltrame, Will Barras and others TBA!

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