Charles Christopher Hill, ”Black and White”
Robert Motherwell, “America-La France Variations”
September 6 – October 4, 2008
Artist’s Reception: Saturday, September 6, 5-7 p.m.

Greenfield Sacks Gallery
2525 Michigan Avenue, B6 (Bergamot Station), Santa Monica, CA  90404
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Charles Christopher painting in his studio.

The Greenfield Sacks Gallery is proud to present an exhibition of new paintings by Los Angeles artist Charles Christopher Hill entitled Black and White, and a series of nine lithographs with collage by Robert Motherwell entitled the America-La France Variations.  

This is the third exhibition of Charles Christopher Hill’s work at the Greenfield Sacks Gallery, which features eight new canvases ranging from 60 x 60 inches to 24 x 30 inches. Each canvas is painted with layers of different colors in acrylic paint, and acrylic varnish. Hill paints large bands across the canvas multiple times using a full spectrum of color with the final application being a dense black or red line.  Between each application of color, the surface of his work is built up by covering the entire canvas with a clear varnish.  Although black, white, and red on the surface, a closer look reveals how these works are a minimalist exploration of color.  The overall effects of this process are paintings that glow in the room.

Charles has always been interested in textures dating back to his works from the 1970’s in which he would sew layers of newspaper together to create the surface of his paintings.  He was then exposed to Kuba textiles from Zaire, Africa that heightened his interest in texture and geometric forms.  In the 1990’s Hill began to work on a more conventional canvases, using more complex geometric forms painted in black and red and a clear varnish.  In more recent works the forms have been reduced to simple circles, spirals, and lines, while the amount of texture has been increased and elegantly refined.

Also on exhibition will be The America-La France Variations by Robert Motherwell.  This series of nine lithographs were printed in 1984 in collaboration with one of the foremost contemporary master printers, Ken Tyler.
The America La France-Variations show Motherwell’s interest in collage and his passion for printmaking.  Similar to Rauschenberg and Johns, Motherwell had a strong interest in incorporating found object into his works.  In the America La France-Variations torn labels from a French paper company were integrated with fields of color and line to make beautifully balanced compositions. Each label was individually lithographed and collaged to the work, blurring the line between lithography and collage, as well as unique works and editions.

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