Joshua Clay: Un autre Monde
Also showing in our project room:
Erik Siador & Jose “Emroca” Flores: Royals & Crocodiles

July 11 – August 1, 2008
Opening Reception: Friday, July 11, 7-11PM

4210 Santa Monica Blvd. (near Sunset Junction), Los Angles, CA 90029
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Thinkspace Gallery is proud to present Un autre Monde. This exhibition will feature new paintings and drawings from Chicago, IL based artist Joshua Clay in his second solo exhibition with our gallery.
Joshua Clay was born on a cloudy February day in 1983. He is a fine artist in the purest sense of the word, seeking perfection in every aspect of his craft without the use of computers, stencils or projectors. The work that Clay creates some would label Illustrative, Lowbrow or even as Pop Surrealism, but to him, it's his voice in its purest form, untainted by established expectations of what "Fine Art" should look like.
Joshua was destined to become an artist, choosing pencil and paper over toys and technology. Throughout his high school years Clay found himself consumed by the act of painting creating over fifty original works and several large scale murals. Clay originally attended the Illinois Institute of Art Chicago following High School and later transferred to the College for Creative Studies to pursue his love for illustration. Following college Joshua relocated to sunny Los Angeles where he apprenticed under his favorite artist, Blaine Fontana. In under 2 years of living and working as a fulltime fine artist Clay found himself immersed in the emerging Los Angeles new contemporary art movement.
These days Clay spends his time tucked away in his Chicago studio drawing, painting, and perfecting his craft. With three successful solo exhibits and dozens of group exhibits under his belt, Clay has been busy making quite a name for himself. In addition to having his work featured in several books and magazines in recent years, Clay was also recently commissioned to create the album artwork for the highly anticipated new Gym Class Heroes album, "The Quilt".
Joshua is now trying to improve his works by giving himself over a year to complete an upcoming 2010 exhibit, with such dedication to his craft Joshua Clay is sure to be a name you'll be seeing again.
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Also opening on Fri, July 11th in our project room:
Erik Siador & Jose “Emroca” Flores Royals & Crocodiles

Erik Siador:
Erik Siador was born in Urdinita, Philippines and raised in Stockton, California. Siador was cultured in San Francisco and noticed by the art scene of Los Angeles, Erik Siador has grown to be a refined artist through his experiences in all these places. Along with his career as an exhibiting gallery artist, Erik works on numerous freelance illustration projects and also works as a visual merchandiser for Nike with no room to spare for much else in his daily life. Recently married to his beautiful wife Andrea, he has gained a brand new way of seeing the world through its true energy and soul. Adding this intense way of looking at the world through the heart, his paintings have become more powerful with soul, light and energy.
Erik Siador depicts the women and creatures in his work through royalty and regality seen in an entirely different realm from our own which is part of a secretly embedded story that will come together as his career continues throughout the years. Trying to stay away from the "urban artist" label which most become stereotypically stamped with in this scene, Erik infuses his love and knowledge for illustration and the sci-fi genre into his artwork with the thought and knowledge of his surroundings amongst this "Juxtapoz" driven community.

Erik Siador lives his life as an artist with the personal motto for shedding light onto others: "There are those who create what we see, I create what we don't".

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Jose “Emroca” Flores:
José Emroca Flores, is Senior Concept Designer at High Moon Studios, a gaming company in San Diego, California. As often seems to be the case with concept artists, his current projects are under a shroud of competitive secrecy, but you can see a nice range of his personal and professional work updated regularly on his website.

Some of his childhood influences are: his mom’s artwork on cakes, old Powell Peralta graphics, ancient Mexican sculpture, scribbles on walls, un-proportioned people, his cousin’s drawings of low riders and cholas, Siqueiros, Snoopy, The Ant and the Aardvark, Pink Panther, and Jim Henson.

His work has been featured in publications like Spectrum, Nintendo Power, Game Informer and Iam8bit, among others.
His oil paintings are fanciful, nicely stylized and playfully imaginative. He often utilizes a muted palette punctuated with small areas of accent colors.
When Jose is not working, you can find him surfing, traveling, or spending time with friends and family.
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About Thinkspace Gallery:
Established in November of 2005, Thinkspace exists as a catalyst for the ever expanding new contemporary art movement that is exploding forth from the streets and art schools the world over. We are here to help represent this new generation of artists, to provide them that home base and to aid them in building the right awareness and collector base necessary for long-term growth.

Our aim is to help these new talents shine and to provide them a gallery setting in which to prove themselves. It is our hope and dream that through these opportunities these individuals will prosper and continue to grow to amaze us all for years to come. With the love of and for our community, and with the talents of so many incredible artists involved, we believe that this movement will provide the necessary proving ground for the ideas and dreams of today to become the foundations of a new tomorrow.
Thinkspace Gallery is located at 4210 Santa Monica Blvd (near Sunset Junction), in the Silver Lake area, Los Angeles, CA 90029. Gallery hours are Thursday thru Sunday, 1 p.m. to 6 p.m. and by appointment. For more information, please call 323.913.3375, visit  <> , or email <>.
Coming up this August:
Stella Im Hultberg “Raveled”
& Dennis Hayes IV “Against The Grain” in our project room
Exhibition run dates: August 8th – September 5
Opening reception: Fri, August 8, 7 -1 1 PM

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