Michel Alexis
Thomas Pathé
June 7-July 19, 2008
Reception for the Artists: Saturday, June 7, 5-7pm

2525 Michigan Avenue #G2, Santa Monica, CA 90404
310-829-3300, fax 310-449-0070
Web site:
Gallery hours, Tuesday – Saturday 10:00am – 6:00pm

Left: Michel Alexis, "Epigram 22", 2008, mixed media on canvas, 60" x 48".
Right: Thomas Pathé, "Bloom", 2008, latex, varnish on panel, 9 1/8" x 9" x 3".

Ruth Bachofner Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by New York-based painter Michel Alexis and Los Angeles-based Thomas Pathé. There will be a reception for the artists Saturday, June 7, 5-7 PM.

Michel Alexis treats his large-scale canvases like giant notebooks, registering moods, reactions, hesitations, and emotions experienced throughout his day. The textured, offset grids that result from Alexis’ process echo the artist’s experience of living in an urban environment.  Layers of experience, both visual and emotional, are not always in harmony with one another, but are instead made rich by contrasts -  at once gritty and elegant, rough and refined, forceful and placid.  These opposing forces combine in varied expressions that splay across the canvas, creating a dynamic visual focus of texture and movement.

Thomas Pathé’s paintings occupy a unique space between intuitive and calculated, earnest and playful, mechanical and visceral. The Los Angeles-based artist sources objects and images from his surroundings which he scans and has paint colors customized accordingly. Whether originating in a specific object or a photograph he has taken, each work memorializes a specific moment or memory in weighty monochrome works whose visual economy belies their emotionally resonant foundations.

“This body of work,” Pathé explains, “is predominantly concerned with communicating profound moments of joy and clarity. The pieces reference objects, substances, people and scenes that have had this kind of influence on me...Ultimately, I intend for these works to have the potential of a real alchemy for the viewer, for a transformative experience similar to the effects of good poetry or ambient music.”

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