Edgar Varela Fine Arts is Proud to Present
Peter Novak
May 17 – June 14, 2008
Opening Reception: Saturday May 17, 7-11pm

542 S. Alameda Street, 2nd Flr., Los Angeles, CA 90013
(Junglerush – corner of Alameda and Palmetto, enter from Palmetto on the 2nd Floor)
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Peter Novak, “Clouds Series”, 2008, Archival Prints.
Edgar Varela Fine Arts is proud to present a series of twelve photographic prints by artist, Peter Novak, which explore subjective divinity within the objective environment. This Clouds series is the latest of his explorative work into the energies of the organic environment.

Drawing on the natural skyscapes of his native Austria and adopted urban Los Angeles skyline, Novak transcends time and space to create images that reflect an inner universal understanding of the abstraction innate in nature. Capturing the momentous in the moment, his work advances our interpretations and understandings of the natural in ordinary environments.

Novak’s Clouds takes the approach that it is possible to contain the flow of temporal chance, thus creating a tangible version of a delicate phenomenon. Working within a natural context in order to illuminate the ordinary space around us, Novak presents the viewer with a moment in the hopes that they will then be drawn into the applied context, thus halting time and fusing with the work at hand, allowing for a discovery of underlying energy in the image.

Using a photographic lens and some tactful timing, Novak has managed to capture the transient nature of the tacit stories spoken by the breath of the earth. Although easily universal in their application of ‘kinder-world’ wonder, these images transcend the typical and become more than contemplative pneumatic marvels. The potency found in Clouds allows for abstract application of contemplation in the energy contained in the sensuously organic. Intended to release Nature’s concealed secrets, he has presented the natural tales of the earth in the pictorial expression of emotion personified in atmospheric proportions.

Austrian born artist, Peter Novak, has been working in the United States since 1980. He holds a degree in optical engineering and received a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in Filmmaking. Novak has produced several bodies of photography since the early 1990s that have sought to visually expand the energy behind the ordinary.

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