Oksana Badrak: Moon Over Drifters
Aaron Kraten: India Ink Invasion
May 31 – June 21, 2008
Opening Reception: Saturday, May 31, 7:00 – 10:30pm

Black Maria Gallery
3137 Glendale Blvd., Atwater Village, CA 90039
Contact, Zara Zeitountsian
(323) 660-9393
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Hours, Tuesday – Saturday, 12-6pm; and by appointment

Oksana Badrak, 'Moon Over Drifters', 2008, mixed media, 62 3/8" x 32 1/4".

Black Maria pleased to announce the opening of Moon Over Drifters, a solo exhibition of Oksana Badrak’s most recent work. The artist’s luscious and excessive paintings of imagined realities combine the familiar with the fanciful. In her latest body of work, Badrak’s aim was to create a world in which traditional and modern, eastern and western, mundane and fantastical merge, producing attunement and friction alike.

According to Badrak, “My passion for graphic design and traditional oil painting results in the way I make my work – digitally created elements are made into archival giclee prints, then the print is varnished to allow for elements painted in oil to exist on paper surface.” The collection of paintings includes narratives and portraits, like one of Belka and Strelka,
two dogs in the Soviet space program of the 50’s, who orbited the earth and returned home safely.

Born in Russia, Badrak moved to the US as a young girl. Since graduating from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, she has earned acclaim from American Illustration and exhibited throughout the US and abroad.

Aaron Kraten, 'Head in the Clouds', 2008, ink on wood, 8" x 10".

Black Maria Gallery is proud to announce the opening of India Ink Invasion, a show of small original works by Aaron Kraten.

Kraten works in multiple art mediums, from refrigerator doors and discarded windows to dismantled doghouses and old street signs. He works with his hands and never uses brushes, which gives a rich and textured quality to his work. Kraten has no art school experience and consequently his work has a very gritty look.

Aaron was born in San Francisco and his family moved out of the city to Huntington Beach, CA when he was just a young child. Kraten has always been interested in street graffiti and skateboarding. He worked full-time jobs while establishing himself as an artist, taking jobs in factories and working a stint as a courier. He gained recognition in the 2000’s, and
subsequently set up a factory-like studio in a Costa Mesa loft on the East side where he is now able to work as an artist full-time.

Kraten's work has been shown in museums such as the Laguna Art Museum; Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles; and galleries such as Gallery 23; Gallery C; Seven Degrees; and Subject Matter.

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