Mata Ortiz- Generations
May 31 - July 19, 2008
Artist’s reception: Saturday, June 14th, 2008 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Fred’s Friends
Exhibition continues until May 24th

150 East 3rd Street, (east of Garey Ave. and 3rd, downtown) Pomona, CA 91766
Gallery Registrar, Cynthia Madrigal
909-623-6464, fax 909-629-1067
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Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 9am-4:30pm

Laura Bugarini, “Vessel”, 2008, ceramic.
Photo credit: Armstrong’s.

The inspiration of Juan Quezada evolves and the second generation of potters in Mata Ortiz are creating their own innovations in ceramics.  Laura Bugarini is one of the most outstanding of those potters with her own unique style of decorating which is extraordinary!  Laura works in collaboration with her mother, Guadalupe Cota de Lopez who forms the vessels Laura decorates. Now you have the opportunity to meet Laura in person and learn more about the Pottery Phenomenon of Mata Ortiz.  It will be an experience you will remember and enjoy.

Armstrong’s is located at 150 East 3rd Street, Pomona, CA 91766, Phone (909) 623-6464, Fax (909) 629-1067. Gallery hours are Tuesday through Saturday, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. For detailed information, please visit the gallery website at

“Fred’s Friends” showcases the work of a number of the artists and potters who participate in group firings of Fred Olsen’s kilns, benefiting from Fred’s knowledge, generosity and worldwide contacts.  For this exhibit each artist is presenting several pieces –including at least one from firings in Fred’s kiln and others representing their current body of work.  Exhibitors include Patricia Ferber, Philip Cornelius, Conrad Calimpong, Richard White, Don Ryan, Jon Pacini, Carol Ann Klimek, Vincent Suez, Nina Hole and Julia Nema.

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