Edgar Varela Fine Arts is Proud to Present
Scott Miller - A retrospective sampling spanning more than two decades of artistic experimentation
April 26 – May 10, 2008
Opening Reception: Saturday April 26, 2008 from 7 to 11pm

542 S. Alameda Street, 2nd Flr., Los Angeles, CA 90013
corner of Alameda St. and Palmetto St. (Palmetto Entrance)
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Gallery Hours: Open by appointment

Scott Miller, untitled works circa 1995-2007, oil on canvas.

Edgar Varela Fine Arts is proud to present artist, Scott Miller, in a retrospective sampling spanning more than two decades of artistic experimentation. This exhibition will feature twenty-one paintings that chronicle the aesthetic, temporal, and personal shifts in his work.

Scott Miller

Using innovative painting techniques to create surfaces that lead the eye to more than at first may appear on a two-dimensional surface, Miller strives to work from a sheltered stream of conscious, retaining themes only long enough to allow the popular collective conscious to catch up. He works spontaneously, allowing the first brushstroke to determine the direction of the occurring composition. Preferring to sanction off all media and mainstream from his work is no coincidence as he believes the most personal form of authentic representation comes from uninhibited execution.

Miller’s constant experimentation can be traced across the decades as his work fluxes from the emotionally impulsive, to sensuously organic and evocative, to mechanical and methodological, and back again full circle while still breaking new ground. Some figurative, others abstract and striking, and more that seem simply elusive, the paintings included in this retrospective raise questions of inspiration and influence, origin and direction, factors Miller purposely leaves up to interpretation as the artist’s intentions of original interpretation directly counter our psychological impulse to assimilate.

Operating on the premise that art is a direct reflection of personality, and therefore automatically autobiographical, the spontaneity Miller employs in his execution leads to a more pure form of representation and a more pure form of self. Thus, the ebb and flow of the human experience is evident in this aesthetic index of life’s impulses.

Scott Miller is an Ohio based artist. He completed studies in video and fine art, earning his BFA from the Cooper School of Art in Ohio. Miller is represented internationally, participating in recent exhibitions in Japan and New York, with solo exhibitions in Los Angeles and Cleveland, and his past works have graced the mantles of the likes of Hugh Hefner and Peter Lewis of Progressive.

Edgar Varela Fine Arts is dedicated to bringing new and emerging artists to the spotlight. EVFA showroom is located at 542 S. Alameda Street (at Palmetto St.) in Los Angeles, between 5th Street and 6th Street. Open by appointment. For more information please contact Edgar Varela at 213 494 7608 or visit

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