David Shapiro
May 3 – June 21, 2008
Artist Reception: Saturday, May 3, 5-7 p.m.

Bobbie Greenfield Gallery
2525 Michigan Avenue, B6 (Bergamot Station), Santa Monica, CA  90404
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David Shapiro, “Origin and Return”, 2007, acrylic on canvas, 18 x 72 inches.

Bobbie Greenfield Gallery is pleased to announce an exhibition of 25 new paintings and works on paper by New York artist David Shapiro. Shapiro has been collected by many important museums including The Museum of Modern Art, NY, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, NY, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, CA and the Cleveland Museum of Art, OH. This will be the artistʼs second exhibition with the gallery.

David Shapiroʼs work is influenced by his interest in pottery and textiles as well as Eastern cultures and practices such as Buddhism, yoga and meditation. As a younger artist when asked to provide a statement of artistic purpose, Shapiro stated that “If one could come up with a metaphor for pottery it would be centering - the creation of a form from a point and emanating outward. A metaphor for textiles could be found in the weaving together of the warp and weft - the creation of a grid structure that reaches out in all directions… Putting these metaphors together formed the basis of my thinking in my work.”

Shapiroʼs work is consistently divided into sections that often contain concentric circles (as in pottery) next to a grid (as in weaving). Eastern philosophy is a unifying theme throughout his work. The division of the picture plane into two, four or six parts dictates the series: Origin and Return, Savasan, Clearing, or Seer, Actor, Knower, Doer.

Origin and Returns are composed of four segments arranged horizontally. Each section contains either a circle, curved lines or horizontal lines. As the title suggests, there is a cycle with a beginning but not necessarily an end.

Savasans are long horizontal works divided into six parts. The word savasan is derived from the Sanskrit word savasana, which is the yoga pose of lying on your back in a resting position. Yoga identifies seven points along the spine that are centers of spiritual energy. The panels of the Savasans represent six of these points; the overall configuration is the seventh. The Clearings are divided into contrasting halves: dark and light, straight lines and curvy lines, grids and circles. Each wavy line is created during an exaltation of breath, a meditative practice that inevitably links these gestures to one another. In Seer, Actor, Knower, Doer there are four vertical panels within a square canvas. In this series, Shapiro explores the cyclical ways in which the viewer becomes an active participant in the work.

David Shapiro juxtaposes the geometric form with gesture and fluid line. These painterly elements are a visual expression of the internal state of the artist. Shapiroʼs internal source is rooted in Eastern philosophies and is calm and meditative.

JPEG images available upon request.

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