Exhibition dates: March 22-April 26, 2008
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 22, 7-11pm

Katalyst Foundation for the Arts
201 S. Santa Fe Ave #207, Los Angeles, CA 90012
Contact: Martha Perez Mitchell, Director
Gallery hours: by appointment

Michael Salerno “Michael strives for the purity of the simple mark, the scratch, the unadulterated scribble, out of what I perceive to be a desire for an authentic experience of markmaking free of any concern other that its own self-exploration. Of course, Salerno has astutely modified the more primal concerns to at least engage the viewer with a blunt presence, almost calm and most importantly permanent. The Lines, still really marks, are laid down by this artist as if they had wrought their own existence in a quest to be unlike the ink of other, wordier pens”. -Mat Gleason, Editor, Coagula Art Journal.

Matt Aston
“In many of his paintings, Aston has managed to fuse the disparate influences of Close and Pollock in unique works that draw upon the seemingly random dripped and strewn color studies of Pollock and the carefully constructed large-scale portraits of Close. From a distance, these portraits, usually composed on a large scale, are stunning likenesses – but a closer inspection reveals they are composed of deceptively random-appearing doodles of paint. His genius is clearly in reconciling a technique that seems unforced into a composition that is actually very carefully designed.” -Jonathan Jerald, Citizen LA.

Dan Wooster begins a painting abstractly; relating lines, shapes, and colors to each other, searching for a feeling of rightness. The forms that emerge gradually suggest a subject to his imagination. The picture comes to life as he crafts the image by instinct.

Solange Ledwith
and Carrie McIlwain have been working together on various artworks since 2005. This duo indulges in the infinite possibilities blending media. In some of their more recent collaborations, Ledwith and McIlwain have combined glass, video and concept to powerfully focus their thoughts and ideas on the absurdities of the social and economic infrastructure present in the USA. In addition to the various materials they employ in their work, they participate in performance as well as installation, and site-specific installations.

Dolores Guerrero continues to play a passionate role as an art-activist and commentator on society. Her impact on the Los Angeles art scene is parallel with the historic foundations of the Latino art movement and now has a revitalized meaning in the context of the politicized atmosphere in 2008. Issues of gender, class and definition of culture combine to create an art of charged messages and joy.

C. Henry Kindlon is a graduate of Pratt Institute in New York. While there studying primarily illustration she developed a love of working in 3D as well as drawing and in turn taught herself mold making and casting skills. These skills led to a freelance career in model making and puppet building in NYC, working with such prestigious companies as Jim Henson’s, Julie Taymor and Eoin Sprott Studios. Colleen was eventually relocated to Los Angeles with the Muppets to build puppets and do set work for the TV show "Dinosaurs.” After the show Colleen set up a studio to return to her first love as a fine artist with the freedom to express her own ideas. The Bush/Cheney masks are close to her heart as a need to express herself politically and satirically through her art.

Michelle Prieto is a painter who lends a fresh and insightful take on Contemporary Expressionism. There is an intended dichotomy in her body of work that well represents the omnipresent duality that exists in her own life. Her work in oils are personal studies exploring the abnormalities of existence yet interestingly sprinkled with bits of her sardonic humor.

(Katalyst) Foundation for the Arts is dedicated to the advancement of individual voices impacting society through programming designed to strengthen the creative spirit and provide the catalyst for change. Katalyst Foundation's service will be focused primarily on women and youth in undeserved communities. (Katalyst) Foundatation for the Arts is a non-profit 501[c]3 nonprofit organization.

Please feel free to invite your friends and colleagues to this event.

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