CERASOLI gallery Presents:
Gallery One
Theresa  Sapergia ‘A Thousand Natural Shocks’
Gallery Two
David O’Brien ‘2D Culture’
March 15 – April 5, 2008
Opening Reception: Saturday March 15, 6-8pm

CERASOLI gallery
8530-B Washington Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232
T. 310 558 0911   

Theresa Sapergia Untitled, 2006, oil on raw canvas, 7'x9' / David O'Brien Mound with Flies, 2006, pencil and ink on paper, 11x8”.

As the previously underplayed medium of drawing continues to gain light in contemporary art, more and more artists dare to push its boundaries. The Cerasoli Gallery is pleased to present the works of Theresa Sapergia and David O’Brien, two such artists poised to take this medium to new heights.  While both Sapergia and O’Brien wield drawing tools as their weapon of choice, their aesthetics and approaches are vastly different.  On a superficial level, Sapergia, whose drawings take up the main gallery space, opts for a figurative style while O’Brien, whose mixed media works on paper occupy Gallery 2, chooses to remain non-objective.  Ironically, a biological interest is a cornerstone in the collections of both artists; albeit that Sapergia naturalistically renders her magnificent fauna, and O’Brien amoeba-like, epic maze compositions take a more mathematic, scientific approach.

Prolific Theresa Sapergia lives and works in Montreal, Quebec.  The young artist has created several different collections in her already impressive body of work, but she hold fast to her figurative style, depicting the human or animal form as a means of relaying empathy to the viewer.  Concerned with the physicality of her subjects, Sapergia believes it is their inherent forms and functions that make them transcendent.  This collection of some of her most representative art features skillfully rendered, mammoth works of ink, graphite, and mixed media, which at once convey the fragility, and strength of animal and human bodies.

In stark visual contrast are the works of David O’Brien, a Los Angeles based artist who spends the majority of his time working for famed architect Frank Gehry.  O’Brien’s background in architecture comes as no surprise, as evidenced by his intricate, intellectual ink and color pencil drawings.  With blueprint-esque planning, his vibrant (and functional) mazes and biological landscapes pulsate with energy and the whimsy of a well-crafted notebook doodle.  

about the gallery: For the last four years, the space at 8530-b Washington Boulevard in Culver City, California regularly exhibited the most outstanding of emerging urban artists. In 2008, this and former gallery  The Lab 101  became the new home to Cerasoli Gallery, still under the direction of owner Freddi Cerasoli.  Under its new identity, Cerasoli Gallery represents a select group of talented, up-and-coming and established, local and international artists whose common thread is creating thoughtful, imaginative, contemporary art.

For further information regarding the gallery or its represented artists please contact: E. /  T. 310 558 0911

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