Bert Green Fine Art presents three solo painting shows
Robert Horvath
Jen Heaslip
Michael A. Rosenfeld
Through April 27, 2008

On Display in the Project Windows:
Megan Geckler: “Set a course for wayward schemes”
Richard Ankrom "Untitled Tripod"
Through  December 31, 2008

102 West 5th St., Los Angeles, CA 90013
Contact: Bert Green
Web site,
Gallery Hours: Tuesday through Saturday 12 - 6 pm
Second Thursday Downtown Art Walk: Thursday, April 12, 12 - 9 pm

Bert Green Fine Art announces three solo painting shows. Robert Horvath hails from Eastern Europe and currently lives and works in central Illinois. His strong, colorful paintings infer a boldly abstracted interplay between color, light and space. This is Horvath’s first solo show in Los Angeles. Jen Heaslip has her second solo show at the gallery. These new paintings focus on a particular bodily function, with a formal approach to full frontal, stoic presentation of the male form. Heaslip paints males with an impassioned, yet adoring gaze. Stripped of sentimentality and the baggage of cultural expectation, she depicts the male in its full frontal state; a clear and definitive statement. Michael A. Rosenfeld has his first show with the gallery, presenting recent monochromatic works of dirigibles.


In the Project Windows, Megan Geckler premieres a project titled "Set a course for wayward schemes,” in which Geckler uses colored vinyl tapes and fluorescent light to optically alter space. The effect is kinetic and illusory, and the artist hopes to affect both pedestrians and motorists in  the vicinity of the gallery; the measure of the success of the installation will be determined by any increase in fender-benders on Main Street. Richard Ankrom says of his “Untitled Tripod” “Film, television, and the computer monitor are the new canvases. Therefore red, blue and green, additive color, is the new color wheel. This is a homage to RGB.”


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