Bryan de Roo and Tracey Keilly     
de-construct / re-construct
March 15 - April 12, 2008  
Reception: Saturday, March 15, 7 – 10 pm

post industrial art for the post industrial age
990 N. Hill St. #205, Los Angeles 90012-1753
(626) 319-3661, Fax (323) 225-1282
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Gallery Hours: Thursday – Saturday, 12-6pm; or by appointment

L2kontemporary proudly presents a two person show featuring L. A. artists Bryan de Roo and Tracey Keilly, both of  whom take images (and objects) from one context, deconstruct the images and then reconstruct them into new visual  contexts.      

With the exception of two years of graduate study in painting at Boston University, Bryan de Roo has lived throughout  California, and since 2003 has been living in the Los Angeles area.  Bryan’s work always seems to be in a permanent  state of flux and evolution.  It is best characterized as a confluence of symbols, matter and attitudes that are then  used to create pregnant images, forms and structures, all which tend to teeter between literal interpretations, and  anxious abstractions.

There is something behind Tracey Keilly’s paintings that are formed in a blacked out tangent.  The paint is applied by  gravity and then shaped by the subtle magnetic forces of the earth.  Over the last ten years, pigeons and magnets  have appeared and reappeared, as they too respond to the earths magnetic fields.  Tracey grasps for these glowing  clues to guide her way, while selecting specific images to translate a notion.  The images are then given permission to  take over surface and reveal their story; their secret language.  In Heart and Soil it was critical that there was actual  soil from Mississippi underneath the paint.  This makes it real.  It makes the boy real.  She tries to show what she has  seen repeated in life.....time after time.  It is something that sits behind the paint revealing a silent passage.  By  allowing this clairvoyant conjunction of intention and submission, what bubbles up to the surface and remains is for  Tracey the secret that sits in the center and knows.

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