Simone Gad, “Buildings”    
February 9 – March 8, 2008  
Reception: Saturday, February 9, 6 – 9 pm

post industrial art for the post industrial age
990 N. Hill St. #205, Los Angeles 90012-1753
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Gallery Hours: Thursday – Saturday, 12-6pm; or by appointment

Simone Gad, “Art Nouveau Facade/Brussels”, 2007, acrylic on paper, 16” x 20”.

L2kontemporary is pleased to present “Buildings”, the second solo exhibition from Simone Gad for the gallery, opening February 9 and continuing through March 8, 2008.    

Simone Gad's paintings of buildings, primarily old Chinatown Plaza and old Victorian homes near downtown  LA, are emblematic of early and mid 20th Century Hollywood. At first glance these paintings are surprising and  almost out of place, because Gad has devoted most of her artistic career to creating pop-oriented  autobiographical collages and assemblages. That's what we expect from her.  However, these paintings deserve their place on the gallery walls. Gad paints in an impasto style with bright  colors and strong lines that complement her collages. The buildings are recognizable for what they are, specific  structures, as well as survivors of a long-gone and idealized Hollywood, the birthplace of the pop icon which  Simone Gad understands so well.
--Marilyn Cvitanic  

Simone Gad's buildings "portraits" push the painterly, jiggly  things right up to the front of the picture plane,  and they feel as in your face as they look.
--ArtScene, 2006

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