Working on Paper: From Drawings to Ammo
January 8 – February 16, 2005
Opening Reception: Saturday January 8, 6 – 9 pm

400 S. Main St., Los Angeles, CA 90013
CONTACT: Lorraine Molina, Director
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Gallery Hours: Tuesday – Saturday 11am-5pm


This exhibition recognizes the diversity in contemporary art practices among a selection of young artists working on paper. Although these artists fall within a similar age range and are exhibiting works produced within the last year, they sharply contrast in concepts and methodologies, each revealing a unique relationship to the material of paper.  This diverse collection of emerging and established artists includes, Eduardo Sarabia, Jaime Scholnick, Spencer Finch, Paul Butler, Ed Porter, Danny Montes and Bari Ziperstein.

(L- R) Paul Butler, from the “Art Ad Series” all Untitled. Magazines, adhesive tape, paper. Each 8.5 x 11”

In the Second Gallery, Bank will be exhibiting Jaime Scholnick’s performance, “Shoot a Mouth on Hello Kitty.”

For Jaime Scholnick, the beloved international pop icon Hello Kitty, has became a target on culture, gender, and socio/political concerns.
While living in Japan in the mid 90’s, Scholnick became fascinated with how this emblem of sweet, soft, femininity could possibly be denied the essential power of speech. Yes, Hello Kitty has no mouth, thus launching Scholnick’s odyssey into the roots of gender inequality, suppression and the feminine ideal. Through drawings, film, installation and performance, Scholnick not only gives Hello Kitty a mouth but all the power that comes with it.

With the purchase of a ‘ target,’ viewers will be given the pleasure of shooting a mouth on Kitty, with a pink paint ball gun custom made just for her. Each target is a unique 23 x 30”  limited edition silk screen print.

(L) Jaime Scholnick, “Shoot a Mouth on Hello Kitty” (target) 2004, 23 x 30” silk screen.
(R) Jaime Scholnick, “Hello Kitty Assault Rifle and Bullets” 2003 50 x 16 x 3” mixed media.

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