thinkspace presents:
Unsung featuring new works from Matthew Feyld, Timothy Karpinski, Kenneth Lavallee and Anthony Clarkson
Also showing in our project room:
Phthalo & Umber featuring new works from Dennis “Bagger43” Brown
November 9 – 30, 2007
Opening Reception: Friday, November 9, 7-11PM

4210 Santa Monica Blvd. (near Sunset Junction), Los Angles, CA 90029
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Gallery hours: Thursday through Sunday 1-6 PM (or by appointment)

Unsung brings together four contemporary artists that have yet to gain prominence, but have very promising futures ahead. This exhibition serves as a great introduction to their work and is the first major exhibition in Los Angeles from each. From the delicate style of Portland’s Timothy Karpinski to the twisted visions manifested in the work of Winnipeg’s Kenneth Lavalle to those of Los Angeles’ own Anthony Clarkson, who’s personal works are emotionally driven examinations on the human condition. Rounding out the foursome are the bitingly critical and intricately simplistic works of Saskatoon’s Matthew Feyld. Feyld is by far the most prominent artist in the show, having shown in Canada, England, Belgium, Germany, Australia, Japan, and all over the U.S. from NYC to Seattle to California and back again.
Matthew Feyld bio:
Matthew Feyld is a Saskatoon based artist.  His drawing process is a combination of imagination and reality. Feyld's work creates an on going narrative, often drawn from real events, and experiences leaving a large amount of room for interpretation. Ink, watercolour, and acrylic are the tools he uses to create a world where both human and animal share more than just their boots.
Feyld has exhibited in Canada, England, Belgium, Germany, Australia, Japan, and all over the U.S. from NYC to Seattle to California and back again. His work was also recently featured in the NY Times Magazine and was included in this year’s Bridge Art Fair in the UK. He is currently in preparation for his debut Los Angeles solo show coming up in April of 2008 at Thinkspace.
Artist website:
Timothy Karpinski bio:
Timothy J. Karpinski grew up near the Appalachian Trail in the woods of New Jersey. As a child he was obsessed with building forts and damming streams. As time passed, skateboarding and art entered the picture. To this day, Karpinski still spends much of his time building forts, damming streams, skateboarding and making art. Inspiration also comes from his love of music, outer space, typography, yoga, gardening, children’s books, graffiti, and his love of nature and science. All of these elements are reflected in his work. Karpinski is that rare combo of ‘dreamer’ and ‘doer’. Many encompass one of these traits, seldom both. He is a master of wit, a lover of folk and owner of one of the finest art reference libraries this side of the Mississippi. Karpinski is currently living the dream in Portland, OR where he runs Together Gallery, holds down both a fort and a sailboat… and somehow still finds time to make some art and dam some streams.
Artist website:
Kenneth Lavallee bio:
Kenneth Lavallee lives in the murder and car theft capital of Canada, Winnipeg, Manitoba. It's true; his car has been burglarized more than 5 times in the past, but it's okay, he doesn’t participate in such criminal activities himself. Rather, he has chosen to educate himself at the University of Manitoba's School of Fine Art and is currently in his final year of studies.

When not grieving the loss of the Winnipeg Jets and listening to The Guess Who,  Lavallee enjoys collecting obsolete electronics and cameras, cheap Vietnamese food, and loitering at bookstores.
Artist website:

Anthony Clarkson bio:
Anthony Clarkson’s work is a portal into child-like innocence, mixed with troubled spirits, broken hearts and a sense of emptiness. A place where the living and the dead and are caught in a personal struggle with their own fears, where reality and fiction combine.
When Clarkson graduated from the Colorado Institute of Art in 2002, he was resolute in his decision to make a living as a graphic artist in the music industry. He was hired as the head graphic designer for the U.S. branches of Century Media and Nuclear Blast Records located in Los Angeles. Embracing a much more digital, photo-manipulation technique, he had his first published cover shortly after joining the company and quickly established a style all his own that has since been used by a number of international acts as well.
Gathering inspiration from the evolving Los Angeles underground art scene, and his growing boredom with digital art, Clarkson began to revisit the drawing style of his youth, mixed with the feelings and emotions dealt with over his life. In late 2005 he was given the chance to be in his first group show in Los Angeles. This was the perfect chance to begin showcasing a completely new direction and, in a way, his art came full circle. This is the style that he always assumed he would be most known for while growing up. Clarkson has shown at several galleries in the Los Angeles area including Thinkspace, Cannibal Flower and Copro Nason. He will also be taking part in the Stan Lee tribute this January at Gallery 1988.
Artist website:

ALSO OPENING on Fri, November 9th in our project room:
Phthalo & Umber featuring new works from Dennis “Bagger43” Brown
Dennis Brown was born in the Philippines in 1983, and raised in Japan (Kadena and Yokota Air Base). After high school, he moved to Florida in 2001 to attend Ringling School of Art and Design where he received a BFA in Illustration. Shortly after graduating in 2005 he worked with EA games for a brief time and left in pursuit at trying his hand at freelance and self developmental image making.
Currently Brown resides in Brooklyn, New York and works for Ecko Unltd. In his off time he still works on his art and contributes to gallery shows. He works in various media, surfaces, and content. He also enjoys collaborations, the making of products, gallery shows, sneakers, art books, good people and quality music in late hours of the morning.
Artist website:


Coming up on Fri, Dec. 7th, 2007:
“Snow Angels” with a featured installation from Stella Im Hultberg and new works from Nouar, Caia Koopman, Angelina Wrona, Kelly Vivanco, Tina Anderson, Jeaneen Carlino, Sophia Pottish, Lilly Piri and Catherine Brooks
+ “Greener Grass” featuring new works from Jesse Hotchkiss in our project room


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