Camille Rose Garcia, “Doomcave Daydreams”
November 11 – December 9, 2006
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 11, 8 – 11 pm

Merry Karnowsky Gallery
170 South La Brea Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90036
Website :

Camille Rose Garcia, "Black Dawn Rising", 2006, acrylic and glitter on wood, 4ft x 6ft.

In Camille Rose Garcia’s newest exhibition titled “Doomcave Daydreams”, the artist explores the relationship we have with fear and survival in a world crumbling into disorder. Escapism, denial, and alienation all form a running narrative that nags from deep within the subconscious mind. Most profoundly called into question is the possibility for hope and optimism in a sea of extinctual doom, and the desire to improve existence within the quagmire of the modern world.

These themes are explored in a series of paintings and drawings that search for beauty and hope in a darkening world. Ice caves, mountains and deep blue seas all form a fanciful landscape in which characters are layered upon to forage for elusive and fragile moments of optimism. Owls and polar bears protectively form a collective that stockpile animal specimens in an Arctic ice cave. A lone fawn laps from a black pool inside of a whale, unaware of his own dire predicament. A wizard of doom tires of conjuring up horror on a daily basis, and takes a holiday. Genderless nymphs loom lightly above the madness with gossamer wings of purple, red and gold…

Camille Rose Garcia is an internationally recognized Los Angeles painter. Her upcoming projects include a solo mid-career survey at the San Jose Museum of Art in May of 2007, and the release of her long awaited children’s book, “The Magic Bottle”. Her art has been featured in Modern Painters, Art Prostitute, Juxtapoz Magazine, and the Los Angeles Times. She currently lives in Los Angeles.

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