Ana Fernandez & Darrell Roberts
i feel good, i feel great, i feel wonderful
November 18 - December 23, 2006
Reception: Saturday, November 18, 6–9 pm

post industrial art for the post industrial age
990 N. Hill St. #205, Los Angeles 90012-1753
(626) 319-3661, Fax (323) 225-1282
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Thursday – Saturday, 12-6pm; or by appointment

(l.)  Ana Fernandez, Van on Flower Street                                                       
(r.)  Darrell Roberts, Construction Debris

L2kontemporary marks its third anniversary in the Chinatown District of Los Angeles with a two-person exhibition featuring Los Angeles-based and recent MFA graduate from UCLA, Ana Fernandez and Chicago-based artist Darrell Roberts.

Ana Fernandez has always been very interested in true crime, detective stories and history.  Photographs of streets, houses, rooms, articles of clothing, documents, evidence, blood, hair, etc. tell a story and record a life, a death, an action or just a quiet moment in time.  Ana’s new series of paintings are entrenched in the tradition of realism, and based on photographs influenced by forensic photography.

For Darrell Roberts, everything is about art all the time. His practice is as much about the act as the action. The finished painting is a physical manifestation, or residue, of the action. Harold Rosenberg's definition of art as an act rather than an object, as a process rather than a product defines Darrell’s studio practice well: applying paint, scrapping it away, layering, and accumulation. Although Darrell’s paintings are seemingly abstract they are rooted in his everyday experience.

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