Still Open.. OC Squeeze Pick of the Week!
Jeff Gillette,  IN APPROPRIATE
featured in the GCAC R&S Gallery
Through October 29, 2006

Tania Mouraud – La Fabrique
Featured in the GCAC Main Gallery
November 4 - December 17, 2006
Opening Reception: November 4, 7-10pm

Laurie Hassold – EXORB and one day we didn’t need to breathe
Featured in the Project Room
November 4 - December 17, 2006
Opening Reception: November 4, 7-10pm

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Exhibitions by Laurie Hassol, “Exorb” (l.) and Tania Mouraud, “La Fabrique” (r.) open November 4.

Santa Ana - Tania Mouraud will be the 29th guest artist in residence at the CSUF Grand Central Art Center. She will be our guest from mid-October through mid- November 2006. Mouraud lives in Paris, France.  Her exhibition titles, La Fabrique, will be featured in the Grand Central Art Center Main Gallery from November 4 – December 17, 2006.  La Fabrique is a multi-media installation featuring 10 monitors and 4 projections with sound elements. The voyeuristic quality of the films brings the viewer in to focus, examine and respond to the individual weavers working lives. La Fabrique was created for the international exhibition of lille3000. This video shot in Kerala, India, shows male and female textile workers in their work locations and at their workstations.

Tania Mouraud:
On the whole my work explores perception and the resulting emotions by roaming rather freely through different human experiences such as war, hunting, the fight for survival, and also meditation and spirituality.  I use different modes of expression (video, wall painting, etc.) according to the context and what I wish to share.

I think this installation of La Fabrique not only urges the viewer to ask himself/herself questions about India. It transcends the geographic aspect and reaches thoughts about the human condition.

A publication featuring a selection of the artists work will be available in December.  Special thanks to collaborators on this project, Dustin Wagner for the book and invitation design, Peter Frank for his essay, which will be featured in the book, Linda Andersen for translations for the book and to Pierre Petit and
Mathieu Carrier for their support for this project.


Laurie Hassold’s newest installation titled, Exorb – and one day we didn’t need to breathe, will be featured at CSUF Grand central Art Center in the Project Room November 4 – December 17, 2006. The installation will feature several of Hassold’s recent mixed media sculptures.  A publication is also being published in conjunction with this exhibition and will be made available in December.  Laguna Art Museum curator, Tyler Stalling has contributed an essay titled, Blood Is Sicker Than Water: The Art of Laurie Hassold, which can be viewed on our website and will be featured in the book. This exhibition co-curated by Dennis Cubbage, Andrea Harris. Special thank to photographer Eric Stoner for his insightful contribution to the book and designer Savio Alphonso for the outstanding design of the book and invitation.


Dirk Petchul: Photographs
Reception: November 4, 7:00 -10:00 pm
November 4 – 26, 2006
GCAC Rental and Sales Gallery

Dirk Petchul is a Southern California based photographer/artist. His photographic and mixed media images are often characterized as dark, mysterious and, at times, even disturbing. Each of Dirk's images reflect his personal exploration and depiction of inner emotion and conflict as well has his ongoing quest to visually expose the soul of both the animate and inanimate.

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