Flight Out Of Time
November 9 – November 25, 2006
Artists' Reception: Thursday, November 9, 6:30-8:30pm

3850 Wilshire Blvd #107, Los Angeles, CA 90010
Director, Sarah Park  
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Hours, Tuesday - Saturday, 11am - 6pm

Tadayoshi Nakabayashi, "Ground VI", etching, lithograph, 13.6 x 17.4 inches.

AndrewShire Gallery presents Flight Out Of Time, a three-person exhibition of contemporary prints by artists Tadayoshi Nakabayashi, Barbara Foster and Jimin Lee.  Collectively, their images form revelation-like philosophical options that promise to reach across cultural boundaries and span generational divisions.  The three master printmakers weave a compelling psychological nexus that connects blurry memory, decay and mortality to past events and the desire for a new life in other places and in unattainable times.  

Tadayoshi Nakabayashi
is considered a “Living Treasure” of Japan.  His work has held the life-long theme of “Nothing Can Escape Decomposition” for nearly 50 years.  As a careful thinker and observer of the natural world, he communicates the built-in darkness and decomposition found in life. Through a unique and masterful process, Nakabayashi’s theme radiates poetry and mysticism through a highly experimental yet stylistically consistent form of monochromatic intaglio printmaking.  

Barbara Foster, 'Deep Underneath II", woodcut on digital inkjet, 15 x 18 inches.

In contrast, Barbara Foster’s work incorporates her own research with practical studio techniques to illuminate critical social issues, the passing of time and the memory of place.  She utilizes the reclaimed photographic imagery of landscapes then, on top of woodblock carvings, layers metaphorically distinct illustrations of prehistoric or historic images. Her investigations continue to evolve through a mixed-media approach to the work that is necessarily visually ambiguous as it is clear-cut and serious.

Jimin Lee, "Zero-G", Photo etching, aquatint, hard ground, pigment on Kozo, Chine colle, 18 x 15  inches.

Jimin Lee’s work evokes a sense of existential anxiety in images of ordinary household items and contemporary domestic situations.  Through the expressive employment of traditional and digital/photomechanical printing processes, her works effectively reposition the viewer’s gaze between a vaguely confused memory where time has been frozen and an embodied actuality where everything comes to life.  Lee’s inanimate objects, which are often marked by her sense of touch, also become extensions of her touch.
Tadayoshi Nakabayashi is a Professor Emeritus of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music and lives in Tokyo, Japan.  Barbara Foster is a professor and current Chair of the Art Department at San Francisco State University.  Jimin Lee is an assistant professor and heads the print media program at University of California, Santa Cruz.  Foster and Lee currently reside in Oakland, California.

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