November 9 - December 29, 2006
Reception: Saturday, November 11, 6 to 9 P.M.
Also: Saturday, Dec. 9, 2006 from 6 to 9 P.M.

Contemporary Fine Art
In the Arts Colony, 300 S. Thomas St. (basement), Pomona, CA 91766
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Gallery hours: Thursday-Sunday 12-4 pm

Maurice Gray, "Did you remember to close the window?", mixed media.

57 UNDERGROUND, a contemporary gallery at 300 S. Thomas St. , Pomona , is pleased to announce INSIGHT OUT, an exhibit by three artists who work in diverse media.
Maurice Gray, Professor of Art Emeritus, California State University Fullerton, will present mixed media wall constructions.  He states, "Everyone makes his own mark; I consider my work to be visual poetry. My text is a stream of consciousness pasted into visual lines. I gather and glean bits and pieces of lost letters, images, and thoughts.  These objects are used democratically, each embodied with its own artistic potential. Text and color speak paradoxically; their polar equivalents balance each other in opposition. All apparent opposites are reconciled when viewed as part of a continuous chain. The grave and the humorous, the mundane and the mystical are woven together. Without one the other could not exist.  It is a union and tension of opposites. Words and images hang in the air until finally gathering on a receptive surface.  Building up layers, I excavate through the strata of lost images and thoughts.  The surface patina is evidence of time passing."

Desiree Engel, "In your face (Alfie)", glazed ceramic sculpture.

Desiree Engel, who has a Master of Fine Arts from CSUF and teaches ceramics at Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI), will show ceramic and cast glass pieces which are more realistic than her previous abstract work. She says, "Exuberant shapes, colors and movement in nature have formed the basis of much of my work for several years.  I have owned many fish and frogs in aquariums and a multitude of dogs have owned me during most of my lifetime. While fish provide entertainment and a feast for my eyes, dogs are my faithful friends and companions. The underwater scene represents denizens of the deep as my mind's eye perceives them: some are quite realistic, others somewhat abstracted. The dog sculptures, on the other hand, are whimsical portraits of real dogs I have known and loved.  Some are sweet, some mischievous, some funny, and I have tried to convey their true character."

The Nguyen, “Untitled”, woodcut.

The Nguyen, part-time faculty member of CSUF, will show surrealistic woodcuts.  Nguyen says, "Things that are most often presented or talked about are usually manifestations of cultural impositions of structured power-desire-fantasies, and they do not necessarily constitute reality.  Things that are least noticed or talked about, and so have little chance of assuming tangible forms, are more likely to constitute the true operating reality behind the blinding noises of structured power-desire-fantasies. They who control the mass production of images control the meaning of power relations between all classes and individuals, and of what people should desire or wish for. The controlling process is simply done through repetitions, for obedience and illusions can only be made real through mass produced/induced repetitions, until it becomes seamlessly reciprocal: they that produced identified as one with them that received, and vice versa. Artists who wish to illuminate the hidden reality behind the blinding noises often have to paradoxically reassemble the latter to make known and comprehensible the former, and in this process the artists will have to transgress by getting out of their own skins and walking through all sorts of boundaries. What is hidden can be as simple as patterns on the ground to which most people usually do not attach any importance, or as the pervasive but unnoticed suffering of many that feeds ecstatic consumption of others. Inconvenient truths and unglamorous facts often have to be beautified or made unusually harsh by artists to show that there is more to the eyes and ears than blinding noises."

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