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Awakenings: Altered States of Artist Patrick Maisano
November 5, 2005 – January 15, 2006
Opening Reception:  Saturday, November 5, 7-9pm

Space on Spurgeon, An Urbane Gallery of Art
210 N. Spurgeon Street, Santa Ana 92701
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Gallery hours, Saturday and Sunday 1-4pm, and by appointment
First Saturday of every month 7-9pm

Patrick Maisano, “Man with Green Bird at Night”, acrylic on canvas, 38” x 15”.
Adult myths take hold in an amazing display of image, color, and delight on the canvases of Artist Patrick Maisano. His works are shown in prestigious galleries and private collections around the country, including New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, and, recently, featured in the film MEET THE FOCKERS. Please join SpaceOnSpurgeon as we welcome the magical art of Patrick Maisano with an artist reception on Saturday, November 5 from 7-9pm.

Awakenings: meaning,

To become aroused;

To stir up.

Maisano’s fantastical images awaken a higher state of consciousness, probing and poking at our imaginations. In his provocative painting Yule Tide Glow, male-like bodies seem displaced or replaced, forcing us to confront our own idealistic dream of holiday spirit. In Feast, large featured people, a human-like cat, and a two-headed animal help us question abundant states of consciousness. Or, perhaps, see Learning to Fly, celebrating fanciful flight as a call to follow your own aspirations. Maisano taps into the yearnings of dreams and our subconscious, forming conscious images that stir up, arouse, invite a response. See Girl on Winged Woman as a visual nursery rhyme that speaks to adult hopes and wishes. Blessing of the Turtle Man displays a magnificent and mysterious tie to ancient times and ancient soulful memories. Maisano bridges religious, social, and psychological iconography, inviting the viewer to interpret, grapple, and delight in the pure artistry. You may ask yourself am I dreaming or have I entered an altered state of consciousness. No matter your answer, you are sure to engage your mind, senses, and imagination in the wondrous paintings of Patrick Maisano. Sweet dreams!

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