(Images Engaging Extreme Space and Solid Matter)

October 16th – November 6th, 2004
Opening: Saturday, October 16th, 2-4pm
Lecture and walk-through with Karel Nel

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Karel Nel, “Lost Light”, black carboniferous materials formed on the Gowandaland landmass before the splitting of the continents; salt crystals from the Atlantic Ocean laid on wooden base, 17.54 x 63.15 inches.

Karel Nel was born in South Africa in 1955. He is a Professor of Fine Arts at the University of Witwatersrand, Johannesburg. As a former Fulbright Scholar at the University of California Berkeley, Nel spent his time investigating the links between art and science. He has won numerous national and international awards, commissions and residencies. His work can be found in every important public collection of contemporary art in South Africa. In 1993, Nel was among the artists representing South Africa at the Venice Biennale XLV. In 1999, the Smithsonian National Museum of African Art, Washington D.C, acquired a major work and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, purchased a work in 2002. Nel has also curated projects concerned with the early traditional art of Southern Africa for the Musee de l’Homme, Paris, the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Michael Rockefeller Wing, and is currently working on a long-term project with the British Museum involving their early Zulu holdings.

Nel’s recent works, made from saturated color pigments, earth, dust and volcanic dust, focus on the use of site-specific materials and our forensic ability to pinpoint their geographical and geological origins. This sets up a conceptual dynamic between information that can be gleaned from visible clues and knowledge that is present but invisible to the eye. This conceptual dynamic is heightened by the juxtaposition of art and science as means of questioning the nature of reality. Nel is fascinated by the fact that humans have developed technologies that enable us to look into the sub-atomic complexities of matter as we look outwards into deep space. His recent works may incorporate objective imagery, yet this art is not about material identity, visual appearance or even purely abstract forms. Rather, it embodies moments of intensely focused consciousness in which past and present, inner and outer vision, physical and metaphysical reality are fused in an interrogative or meditative mode of visual thinking.

Leslie Sacks Fine Art is located in Brentwood at 11640 San Vicente Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90049. We are open Monday – Saturday from 10am-6 pm. There is ample parking in the front and back and we validate. Our telephone number is (310) 820-9448. Our website is <>.

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