Bert Green Fine Art
102 West 5th St., Los Angeles, CA 90013
Contact: Bert Green
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Gallery Hours, Tuesday through Saturday 12 - 6 pm

Devon Paulson
The Marrow Cycles of Subjectivity: Digital Media Works
Holly Williams-Brock
New Paintings
October 14 - December 18, 2004

David E. Stone & Cathy Stone: Project Windows
October 2004- March 2005

Opening Reception and Gallery Grand Opening
Thursday, October 14, 5 - 9pm
Second Thursday Downtown Art Walk:
Thursday, October 14, 12 - 9pm

Bert Green Fine Art is pleased to announce the grand opening of its new gallery space in downtown Los Angeles. Devon Paulson and Holly Williams-Brock will both open their first solo Los Angeles exhibitions, and David E. Stone and Cathy Stone will install site-specific work in the gallery's Project Windows.

Devon Paulson's digitally-generated images are an exploration into the world of quantum mechanics. Exploring the theoretical idea that a viewer is an inherent aspect of any observation, Paulson attempts to guide us into a pure realm of subjectivity with images that express the idea that space itself is simply another state of energy.

Holly Williams-Brock paints Los Angeles by transforming photographed landscapes of the city into archetypes of a painterly formalism. Using traditional techniques to achieve untraditional results, these works fall somewhere between abstract and representational, taking on qualities of both.

David E. Stone and Cathy Stone, working independently, will create site-specific installations in the gallery's Project Windows. Cathy Stone's installation features sculptural elements that refer to line, volume and gravity. David E. Stone's work is concerned with the ways in which "realities can be perceived" by way of "specificity" and is manifest using a variety of media.

All gallery events are free and open to the public. You are encouraged to forward this information to any and all interested parties. Exhibition information may be found at <>. Follow the link to the exhibitions area. For press releases and press-ready images for download, follow the link to the press area. The art exhibition venues in Downtown Los Angeles conduct a Downtown Art Walk on the Second Thursday of each month from 12 - 9 pm. More information and a map may be found at <>.

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