Louis Longi: Unleashed
September 24 – November 1, 2007
Please Join Us for the Artist Reception: Saturday, October 6 from 6-10pm

SpaceOnSpurgeon, An Urbane Gallery of Art
210 N. Spurgeon Street, Santa Ana 92701
Contact:  JoAnne Artman
Telephone:  949-464-0105
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Open by appointment; First Saturday of every month 7-10pm

Louis Longi, “Have You Lost Your Faith”





Experience the powerful sculptural art of Louis Longi unleashed at SpaceOnSpurgeon!

Longi captures the purity of the figurative form as it melts into soulful bronze magnificence.  His works are shown in prestigious galleries and private collections around the country. His large-scale public sculptures can be viewed in Las Vegas, Laguna Beach, Los Angeles, and Ventura. Please join SpaceOnSpurgeon as we welcome this truly original talent with an artist reception on Saturday, October 6 from 6-10pm.

To feel Longi’s passionate energy is electrifying. Meet the artist and you meet the visceral and visual intensity of someone who has created a unique method of casting bronze into one-of-a-kind, truly original works of art. No series. No editions. You will see how sketch turns into evocative sculptural form. How the metal has a mind of its own and transforms space and time. In his work, such as “Have You Lost Your Faith?”, you see the kinetic and powerful transference of the artist to the art. A transformation of the prizefighter into raw beauty and pure form. Both the challenged and the challenger breaking free—unleashed…

Come and witness how the art of Louis Longi can transform your emotional landscape.

SpaceOnSpurgeon is located at 210 N. Spurgeon Street off of First Street, and is open by appointment and the first Saturday of the month. Visit the first Saturday of any month to coincide with the Artists Village Open House. Street parking is available directly in front of the Gallery as well as the Artists Village Parking structure located at Third Street and Broadway. Take a stroll through the galleries and studios. See a live performance or hang out and enjoy the music. See art come alive in Downtown Santa Ana.

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