Natasha Shoro
Art Exhibition of Mixed Media Painting
September 11 – December 31, 2007

Reception:  Tuesday, September 11, 6-9:30 pm
6 pm, Reception opens
7 pm, Introduction of the Artist and presentation on exhibition by Joanna Roche, Professor, Contemporary Art History, CSU Fullerton
8 pm, Soka University Student Commemoration Ceremony for 9/11 at Peace Fountain

Founders Hall Art Gallery, Soka University
1 University Drive, Aliso Viejo, CA 92656
Directions: From Interstate 5 take Oso/Pacific Park Drive west to Wood Canyon. Turn left, then right on University.  Founders Hall is the domed building overlooking Peace Lake.
Contact: Wendy Harder

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Gallery hours, Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm

Artist information:
Natasha Shoro  - resident of Irvine
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About the Artist

“Natasha Shoro's art is about Identity. Raised and traveled in several cultures, she sifts through her various aesthetics to come up with an art form that best describes her search as a modern woman, largely American and Pakistani. Constructing layer upon layer of beautifully hand painted wall hangings of primed and unprimed textile, Shoro sculpts delicate fabrics that catch the light and castes shadows, shimmer, and slowly move in a sensual dance, accompanied by the rhythms of jewels and sparkling trinkets. Reminiscent of Indian saris and Eastern Femininity her art emerges solely from her own unique being and not from any particular art movement. In her special way, Shoro shows us that we each have our own identity, formed from our sensitivity to our individual human gifts”.
Roberta Carasso, Ph.D., July 2007
“Natasha Shoro creates visual poems that consist of richly layered textured surfaces with delicate drawn lines. The result is at once engaging and calming."
Mike McGee, Professor, Art History, CSU Fullerton
Artist Statement
“Inner spaces represent feelings; mental images of music, color, jewels, embroidery, personal ethnic clothing, henna and patterns from traditional weddings, symbols that are almost within my subconscious state; spiritual maps of my inner being. It is an overlapping, almost dream-like, random spatial imagery and emotion. My outer space is brought forth in the mapping and overlapping of aerial views, ocean depths and desert like landscapes. Exploring familiar regional architectural spaces through layers, screens, sometimes allowing light and other times just sound and vibration through texture or fine lines. All this is an expression of my life experience. Boundaries, edges and containment of space are at times surrounding me and at times I am left within. There is a feeling of fluid space that flows in form, sometimes bleeding through yet at other times encompassing.
“A journey of self-discovery involves an investigation of how these inside, outside spaces relate to my overlapping identity. The eastern influence is made of disorder, confusion, and chaos within formal boundaries and hard edges. There is an underlying cultural logic. Much of life is felt and lived through invisible screens and layers. The western side has a very formal logical order, which is very giving and loose in nature: flexible, fluid and abstract. The boundaries between the two cultures bleed and overlap. Freedom of thought and expression allows for a bold and clean openness.

“My work expresses an ebb and flow, abstracted into threads, connecting my inner and outer spaces, fusing, weaving and stitching together the fabric of my being resulting in an overlapping, entwined, layered spatial identity.”
Natasha Shoro

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