Margi Scharff
October 14 – November 11, 2006   
Reception for the artist: Saturday, October 14, 6-9 pm

post industrial art for the post industrial age
990 N. Hill St. #205, Los Angeles 90012-1753
(626) 319-3661, Fax (323) 225-1282
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Thursday – Saturday, 12-6pm; or by appointment

Margi Scharff, “The Kite Flyers” (made in India), 2006.

Scharff’s collages from India and Nepal glow with the radiant colors of those dynamic cultures. They resonate with the commercial ‘street’ images, the flamboyance of saturated reds, oranges and blues, and the visual vibrancy of daily life. They are poetic icons of reverence to that life and the cultures in which she has explored, walked and worked.

Gathering the discarded petals of street life, she has synthesized these waste scraps into bright, compressed compositions, miniature memorials to the cultures she has encountered. She has said that “I have a need to connect with the world as a larger whole.”  Margi Scharff’s work and her extraordinary experiences are unique to her. They glow with universality.
--Mac McCloud

“Each time I go to a new place --each time I begin a new work--I have to begin with a trust--a trust in the process of making art and a trust in life itself.”
--Margi Scharff, 2002

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