Igloo Tornado at Black Maria Gallery
September 16 through October 11, 2006
Opening Reception:  Saturday, September 16, 7 - 11 pm

Black Maria Gallery
3137 Glendale Blvd., Atwater Village, CA 90039
Contact, Zara Zeitountsian
(818) 613-9090, (323) 660-9393
Web site,
Hours, Tuesday – Saturday, 1-6pm; and by appointment

Founded in 2004, Igloo Tornado is an art collective represented by four artists with completely different backgrounds and sensibilities: Tom Neely, Gin Stevens, Scot Nobles and Levon Jihanian. Igloo Tornado is not a traditional art movement. There is no unifying style or theory that links these artists, but rather a shared belief in combining efforts to advance individual pursuits. With this inaugural show, the Igloo Tornado intends to establish a strong presence in the Los Angeles art scene.
Tom Neely is a painter and cartoonist living in Los Angeles.   His latest work, an ongoing series of watercolor and ink paintings, tells the surreal story of a man plagued by a mysterious inkblot. Tom is currently working on an untitled graphic novel based on these paintings, to be published in 2007 by Top Shelf Productions. His work has been featured in galleries in San Francisco and Los Angeles, in dozens of magazines and literary journals and on album covers. Last year he was included in the 24th annual edition of "American Illustration."
Gin Steven's art career began the day he was abandoned on the steps of a Baptist Church. Gin has been influenced by the deep southern culture that had surrounded him at an early age. Upon turning seventeen he took the Greyhound north for Chicago carrying with him dreams of enrolling at The Art Institute of Chicago. Where he soon found out that school was not for him and opted for the punk rock theory of doing it yourself. Gin now resides in Los Angeles where he has been creating work for private commission, album covers, and rock posters on top of also showing his art over the past several years at galleries in and around Los Angeles.
Scot Nobles lives, breathes, and makes art in Los Angeles, CA. He uses a unique acrylic paint technique to create collages with contrasting textures and images. Words, ideas, colors, designs, and motifs all overlap to create a seemingly random, yet structured, pattern. His work allows the viewer a glimpse into the subconscious inner workings of his mind. Each of Scot's pieces of art is a snapshot, a moment from his daily life that neatly encapsulates his interests, activities, emotions, and ideas.
Levon Jihanian lives in Los Angeles, California with his wife, Lila, and cat, Subaru.  His work is an expression of loathing, amusement, and awe of humanity and its inherent weaknesses. Therefore, his subject matter includes but is not limited to monsters, cyclopses, and vampires. Levon has exhibited in galleries in Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Denton, and Ontario. He has written, drawn, and self-published several comic books including "Bitter Disappointment," "Enjoy the Hotdog," and "Fork Frenzy."

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