September 28 – October 31, 2005
Reception:  Saturday, October 1, 7 to 10pm
Artist Forum:  Sunday, October 16, 2 to 4pm

The Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (OCCCA)
Located in the heart of the Artists Village, 117 N. Sycamore (at Second Street), Santa Ana, CA 92701
For enquiries please contact Marilyn Ellis
(949) 675-3717
Email: <>
Web Site: <>
Gallery Hours: Wednesday through Sunday, 11 to 4 p.m.

The works in this exhibition show different facets of abstract painting from three different artists:  two OCCCA members and their guest, Gretchen Beck.  Marilyn Ellis finds the String Theory fascinating in abstract painting as well as in music and physics.  The vitality of classical music or jazz lingers on in music as in art.  In physics, the String Theory either on the microscopic or cosmic levels describes life.  It affects our universe from nanas to stars. Art can also be abstract as strings become line and color in space.  Man’s ability to think in the abstract at times makes him closer to “reality” than a photographic copy of a still life or figure.  Marilyn’s art, oil on canvas or paper is full of color and line against a color field.  Her background dates from the Abstract Expressionism of the fifties and sixties.
R.W. Tartter uses molten aluminum to create abstract shapes on or around a color-coated surface (primarily powder coating).  He is fascinated with negative shapes, and he has always been concerned with involving the viewer with more than the surface that is painted.  He plays with the interaction of texture, color, and light, but unlike other artists, he is not concerned with parameters.  He likes to color outside the lines, to use a geometric shape as a starting point, but go beyond into the surrounding spaces. Tartter’s controlled metal paintings set up a structure in which the background plays an equally important role.  Influence by the abstract expressionists of the 1950’s and 60’s has lead him to discover a new form of painting.
Gretchen Beck directs the Art Department at Concordia University in Irvine, CA.  She also curates the university art gallery and teaches drawing, painting, printmaking and public art classes.  For the imagery she produces as an artist, she conducts research in Niger, West Africa.  Her art involves the study and depiction of different aspects of the Nigerien culture. She exhibits and presents her art in galleries on college and university campuses throughout the country.

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