William Eggleston
Dye transfer prints

October 9 – December 18, 2004

2525 Michigan Ave., G-5 (Bergamot Station), Santa Monica, CA 90404
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William Eggleston, “Untitled”, plate six from the portfolio “14 Pictures”, 1974.

By now, William Eggleston's once seditiously catholic treatment of subject matter in photography has been consecrated in the liturgy of contemporary art. A generation of photographers inspired by Eggleston’s innovations have attuned their eyes and cameras to the nuances of the seemingly innocuous. A generation of canny viewers possess a new sensitivity to everyday rapture. Yet an Eggleston remains unmistakenly an Eggleston. Many of the artist’s proclaimed inheritors, in their fussy husbandry of the banal, produce banalities. Others degenerate into visual fetishes. But Eggleston’s style is distinctive in its ineffability. While his range of subjects is all-encompassing, and any overt intentions are self-consciously excised, every Eggleston photograph defines and confirms Eggleston’s vision as consummately his own. RoseGallery’s forthcoming exhibition includes some of Eggleston’s most renowned images from the 1970’s. Much of the iconography from the Eggleston pantheon resurfaces in these photographs: derelict signage, vintage cars and compressed interiors are all rendered in the artist’s febrile palette. The most salient resonances evoked between the images are not the result of method or subject, however. Instead, the pictures hew to an attitude, an extemporaneous surety with which Eggleston slices the world along its grain, revealing convergences and alignments we suspect and hope for, but rarely have the privilege to witness.

Born in Memphis in 1939 and raised on his family’s plantation in Mississippi, William Eggleston gained an interest in photography at age 18. In 1976 his one man show at the Museum of Modern Art and the accompanying catalogue, William Eggleston’s Guide, made his reputation as a pioneer of artistic color photography. He has subsequently published many portfolios of color photographs and a preponderance of books, including the Democratic Forest, Ancient and Modern, Faulkner’s Mississippi, 2 1/4, Cartier’s Foundation’s William Eggleston, and most recently Los Alamos. In 1998 Eggleston received the Erna and Victor Hasselblad Foundation International Award in Photography. In 1999, the J. Paul Getty Museum mounted a retrospective of the artist’s work in Los Angeles. The Los Alamos exhibit will be presented in August 2004 at SF MOMA before the show travels to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City in 2005. William Eggleston lives and works in Memphis.

WILLIAM EGGLESTON - An exhibition of dye-transfer prints will be on view from October 9 through December 18, 2004. The gallery is located in the Bergamot Station Art Center, 2525 Michigan Avenue, Gallery G-5, Santa Monica, CA 90404. Gallery hours: Tuesday through Saturday, 10 - 6. For more information, contact Hannah Sloan, 310.264.8440.

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