Anton Heyboer
The Philosophy of an Original Mind
September 8 – October 6, 2007

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Anton Heyboer, “Intelligentie en Evangelie, Documenta”, 1964, etching, 37 3/4 x 39 3/4 inches.

I first experienced the visceral thrill of Anton Heyboer’s primordial etchings in the late 1970s at the Cape Town gallery of Joseph Wolpe, my mentor in my early collecting years. Joe had an unerring eye, an uncompromising aesthetic soul and, for him, Heyboer was one of the great undiscovered masters. The monochromatic raw etchings, at times with a dash of ochre, stood quite apart in a cloying sea of slick hyper-commercial artwork that became the hallmark of the times. Here was something unlike anything else – fresh, uncluttered, a third eye into an expressive soul that had no finesse and that brooked no dishonesty. I found Heyboer’s unpretentious work to be a revelation and for me it has so remained. His work is central to my collection and I value it as I value the work of no other artist.
Intersecting geometric lines, totem-like figures, words and numbers recur continuously throughout Anton Heyboer's etchings and works on paper. The essence of these artworks can only be distilled by unearthing the rules and beliefs that underpin Heyboer’s unique reality, self-created through rural isolation and a lifestyle unlike that of any modern 20th century artist. Heyboer’s personal pictorial vocabulary informs his unique oeuvre which is substantially independent of any school or trend in modern art. Paradoxically, he consistently undermined his own marketability, believing more in the creative process than its resultant monetary value.
In meeting Heyboer’s work, ordinary standards cannot apply. Seemingly impossible to understand at first glance, Heyboer’s inanimate figures and geometric constructions interspersed with visual and verbal philosophies remind us of ethnographic sculptures, tribal African carvings and Giacometti bronzes. This is the product of alienated logic arising from idiosyncratic reaction to abnormal times.  His thought processes permeate his fascinating renditions. One can evidence a genius and a quality second to none in Heyboer’s extraterrestrials that inhabit his mythical landscapes.  His primitive and unrefined truthfulness has insured an iconographically central place in not only modern Dutch art, but in the evolution of post-war etching, the depth and understanding of which is still to be full ascertained.
Heyboer is the master of 20th century graphic art.
--Leslie Sacks
* This excerpt is taken from the forward of the book Anton Heyboer: The Philosophy of an Original Mind. This exhibition at Leslie Sacks Fine Art marks the book’s publication.
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