thinkspace presents:
"Picks Of The Harvest: Batch Three"
featuring new work from over 100 artists plus a featured installation from Audrey Kawasaki
September 8 -October 6, 2006
Opening Reception: Friday, September 8th, 2006 from 7PM until 11PM

Special ART CRAWL 9 hours:
Fri, Sept. 15th (1PM - 10PM)
Sat, Sept. 16th (noon - 6PM)
Sun, Sept. 17th (noon - 6PM)
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Gallery hours: Thursday through Sunday 1-6 PM (or by appointment)

With "Picks Of The Harvest" we strive to spotlight the artists that we feel represent the upper echelon of the new contemporary art movement along with artists still on the 'come up' that we admire. A collection of the art stars of tomorrow if you will. With "Batch Three", our latest installment in this ongoing exhibition series, we have thrown caution to the wind in an effort to pack our walls salon-style with over 300 works from 115 artists.

"Picks Of The Harvest: Batch Three" is unapologetically over-the-top and by far our largest gathering of talent yet. A virtual visual overload promising a staggering array of artistic styles and techniques await our patrons this September. To say this is one of the highlights of our exhibition schedule this year would be an understatement.

If you caught either of the first two "Picks Of The Harvest" exhibits, you already know to expect an amazingly diverse display of work featuring artists that help to define the new contemporary art movement. If you are new to our space, "Batch Three" offers a great overview of the artists that we will be working with and displaying over the coming year and serves as an excellent introduction to this all-important movement.


The themes in Audrey Kawasaki's wildly popular art are contradictions within themselves. Her work is innocent and erotic. Each subject is attractive, yet disturbing. Both Manga comics, and Art Nouveau influence Audrey's precise yet fluid technical style at the same time. Her sharp graphic imagery is combined with the natural grain of the wood panels she paints on, bringing unexpected warmth to enigmatic subject matter. The figures she paints are seductive and contain an air of melancholy, and exist in their own sensually esoteric realm, yet at the same time present a sense of accessibility that draws the observer to them. These mysterious and elusive young women captivate with the direct stare of their bedroom eyes.

For “Picks Of The Harvest: Batch Three”, Audrey will be presenting her first installation in our front project room. The installation will feature her alluring figures in a forest/jungle type setting and will include her largest works to date.

*Bio courtesy of Kirsten @ Roq La Rue Gallery



*         2H
*         7Teen
*         Erik Abel
*         Derek Albeck
*         Jennybird Alcantara
*         Erik Alos
*         Scott Altmann
*         Tina Anderson
*         Angry Woebots
*         Asylm
*         Augor
*         Anthony Ausgang
*         Kristen N. Brown
*         Blinky
*         Ryan  Bubnis
*         Nathan Cartwright
*         Rik Catlow
*         Paul Chatem
*         Sean Christopher
*         Luke Chueh
*         Anthony Clarkson
*         Josh Clay
*         L. Croskey
*         Steven Daily
*         Brendan Danielsson
*         Jim Darling
*         Matt Dickson
*         Nicholas DiGenova (Medium)
*         Downtimer
*         Jarrod Eastman
*         Dez Einswell
*         Ekundayo
*         Daniel Fenelon
*         Gus Fink
*         Daniel Fleres
*         Blaine Fontana
*         Megan Elizabeth Ford
*         A.J. Fosik
*         Germs (Jaime Zacarias)
*         John Michael Gill
*         Tanner Goldbeck (Racecar 13)
*         R. Grimes
*         Thomas Han
*         Robert Hardgrave (Farmerbob)
*         Josh Hart
*         Heiko
*         Andrew Hem
*         Derek Hess
*         Logan Hicks
*         Stella Im Hultberg
*         Inky Dreadfuls (Michael Mararian)
*         Corey Jackson
*         Sylvia Ji
*         Mel Kadel
*         Andy Kehoe
*         Caia Koopman
*         KMNDZ
*         Aaron Kraten
*         Joshua Krause
*         Ku Kula
*         Craig LaRotunda
*         Kenneth LaValle
*         Jessi D'ore Lawson
*         Joe Ledbetter
*         Tiffany Liu
*         Lola
*         Kim Maria
*         Mike Maxell
*         Mear One
*         Mildred
*         Mr. Mildred
*         Travis Millard
*         Branid Milne
*         Misha
*         Brendan Monroe
*         James Naccarato
*         Alex Pardee
*         Shaunna Peterson
*         Joshua Petker
*         Lilly Piri
*         Ferris Plock
*         Sophia Pottish
*         Mark Price
*         Daniel Quinones
*         Dan Quintana
*         Joey Remmers
*         Jesse Reno
*         Erick Rodriguez
*         Grant Roman
*         Chris Ryniak
*         Scott Saw
*         Tra Selhtrow
*         J. Shea (#9)
*         Erik Siador
*         Amy Sol
*         Soopajdelux (Jenna Colby)
*         Bwana Spoons
*         Michael Stilkey
*         Stone
*         Josh Taylor
*         VamPotna
*         Rebecca VanStralen
*         Sage Vaughn
*         Joe Vaux
*         Amanda Visell
*         Jed Voltz
*         VyalOne
*         Michele Waterman
*         Sam Wellington
*         Tristan Henry Wilson
*         Charles Wish
*         Jasmine Worth
*         Yoskay Yamamoto
*         Eleanor Yap
*         Marco Zamora
*         Chet Zar
*         Zoso

Coming up in October:
"Subterfuge" featuring new works and an installation from Nathan Spoor, Kevin Peterson and Francesco LoCastro plus a group show curated by Kevin

Coming up in November:
"Square Foot" featuring new work and an installation from Blaine Fontana plus a group show curated by Blaine.

For further information regarding thinkspace events, exhibitions, art / artist information and press inquiries, please contact Andrew Hosner via or leave a message on the gallery's answering machine at 323.913.3375.

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