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MasterClass: The Artistry of Photographer and Painter Bill Agee
September 3 – October 30, 2005
Opening Reception:  Saturday, September 3, 7-9pm

SpaceOnSpurgeon, An Urbane Gallery of Art
210 N. Spurgeon Street, Santa Ana 92701
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Gallery hours, Saturday and Sunday 1-4pm, and by appointment
First Saturday of every month 7-9pm

(l.) Bill Agee, “Road to Guayama”, Blue Toned Photo, 20 x 30“.
(r.) Bill Agee, “Unidentified Flying Orchids”, Manipulated Color Photo, 20 x 20“.

Iridescent visuals amaze your eyes; black and white images engage your mind. This is the unique artistry of master craftsman Bill Agee: imagination and intellect collide. SpaceOnSpurgeon welcomes the talent of photographic artist and painter Bill Agee, whose works are shown in prestigious museums and galleries around Southern California and internationally. Please join us for the artist reception on Saturday, September 3 from 7-9pm.

Striking black and white photographic images possess fluidity and aliveness, like an intriguing classic film, playing frame by frame in your mind. In his magnificent Road to Guyama/Puerto Rico series, palm trees sway as an automobile travels the open road. In Old Tank on Culebra Beach, a figure of a woman gazes out from atop the ruin, perhaps to another time. With images from nature and exotic places, Agee uses infrared and digital colorization to achieve engaging surrealistic effects. Other photographs are seeped in lush and vibrant colors, as in Unidentified Flying Orchids and Banana Inflorescence. A sly smile may cross your face as you glimpse a lovely nude figure, standing among the giant pansies of sensational blue in Colors Are Much Brighter Since We Moved Closer to the Nuclear Plant (Rated PG-13). Vibrancy and impression mix to form an energetic invitation to the night life of Puerto Rico in Agee’s paintings. The technical process makes it possible; the eye and mind of the artist makes it unique. See the images once and you’ll want to experience yet again.  

Day of the Dead Celebration at SpaceOnSpurgeon on Saturday, October 1 from 7-9pm; continues through the end of November. Various artists present their work, honoring this traditional Mexican holiday.

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SpaceOnSpurgeon is located at 210 N. Spurgeon Street off of First Street, and is open Saturdays and Sundays 1-4pm and by appointment. Visit the first Saturday of any month to coincide with the Artist Village Open House. Street parking is available directly in front of the Gallery as well as the Artist Village Parking structure located at Third Street and Broadway. Take a stroll through the galleries and studios. See a live performance or hang out and enjoy the music. See art come alive in Downtown Santa Ana. Visit us at: <>

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