Roger Vail: Spin Out
September 10th - November 6th, 2004
Opening Reception: Friday, September 10th, 7-9 pm

Michael Dawson Gallery
535 North Larchmont Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90004
(323) 469-2186, FAX (323) 469-9553
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Roger Vail, Giant Wheel and Reflection #2, 2001.

Carnivals have fascinated Roger Vail since his childhood. “I have always loved carnival rides,” he says, “they are one of the best uses of machinery ever invented.” Vail’s fascination is rendered visible in Spin Out, a series of light jet prints, in glorious color, of the Yoyo, the Zipper, the Octopus, and other delightful machines. Shooting at night using 8x10 inch transparencies, Vail captures in minute detail the enticing glow of concession stands and the phantasmagoric rainbows thrown from spinning rides. The prints trace light so fantastic as to seem unreal, yet the images are not manipulated or enhanced. “It’s exciting because I never know what they will look like until I develop them,” Vail says. “I think of these images as painting with light.” And what splendid light it is: as Victoria Dalkey of the Sacramento Bee puts it: "These photographs open our eyes to new worlds, one we would never have seen without Vail's intercession. We have to be grateful for that."

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