The Eclectic World of Gad
Simone Gad, curator
August 4 - September 1, 2007

post industrial art for the post industrial age
990 N. Hill St. #205, Los Angeles 90012-1753
(626) 319-3661, Fax (323) 225-1282
Web site,
Gallery Hours: Thursday – Saturday, 12-6pm; or by appointment

Featuring work from:
William Anthony, Alfredo de Batuc, Ariane Bazin, Gary Brewer, Nancy Buchanan, Claudia Bucher, Paul Carpenter, Eric Cohen, Arthur Conway, Marilyn Cvitanik, Phyllis Davidson, George Dinhaupt, Jacqueline Dreager, Sam Erenberg, Sabato Fiorello, Diane Gamboa, Richard Godfrey, Joe E. Grant, Gronk, Cheryl Gross, Peter Gutierrez, Bibbe Hansen, Loren Hartman, Diane Holland, Karl Kaltenbacher, Emmeric Konrad, Richard Kurtz, Edward Lightner, Barry Markowitz, Lilli Muller, Reyes, Rick Robinson, Elena Mary Siff, Steven Simon, Felis Stella, Doug Sutherland, Masako Takahashi, The Dark Bob, Thomas Trivitt, Mike Vegas, Nancy Webber, Ruth Weisberg, Rory White, Liz Young
L2kontemporary turns the gallery over to Simone Gad this August, and lets her go wild curating a great big thank you show of mostly small work for everybody in Los Angeles!
“The Eclectic World of Gad is a rollicking fun summer show, and also a thank you to my friends who have been of enormous help and encouragement to me throughout the years.  It is also a thank you to some of the artists who I’ve known since the 1970’s, up through the present, that have been there for me.  It is a thank you to my gallery, L2kontemporary, as well as the L.A./NY/European art scene, of which I have participated since 1970, and plan to keep on contributing to!”
--Simone Gad

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