Summer Selections
August 12th - September 30th, 2006
Opening reception: Friday, August 11, 7-9 pm

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Bernard Karfiol, Bathers in Boats, 1920s, oil on canvas, 25 x 35 inches.

Los Angeles, California – Forum Gallery presents the exhibition Summer Selections from August 12th through September 30th, 2006, with an opening reception on Friday, August 11th, from 7-9:00 pm.
The paintings and drawings included in the exhibition evoke aspects of Summer and offer a dynamic and uplifting assortment of eye-catching work.
Bernard Karfiol’s Bathers in Boats (1920s) is a glimpse of Summer in another time.  Deep blue waves swell up against a rocky shoreline in a surf-filled inlet.  A swaying rowboat holds three bathers while a figure in the foreground dives from a high cliff as another looks on.   Particularly vibrant and gestural, this painting probably depicts a scene along the Maine coastline where, as a member of the Ogunquit (Maine) School of Painting and Sculpture, Karfiol summered regularly after 1914.
Similarly expressive, but more muted in tonality and mood, is contemporary Maine artist Linden Frederick’s 10 O'Clock News which depicts a Northern, summer evening sun dimly setting between two houses.   The suggestion but absence of human presence is one of this artist’s trademarks, implemented here by the glimpse, through a home’s window, of an illuminated television set which adds the only spark of man made light to an otherwise natural, crepuscular moment.
Red Grooms’ color lithograph of Elvis plucking away at his guitar and dressed in his inimitable concert performance attire, Cesar Galicia’s etching of Mickey Mouse staged before a background of comic book reliefs, and Jeffrey Gold’s meticulously executed watercolor of a monopoly board are all Summer activities. Conversely, famed representational painter Gregory Gillespie’s Landscape with Cart can only be associated with this time of year, and with a longstanding pictorial tradition dating back to Jean-François Millet of the unknown yet heralded farmer harvesting the land.
American Modernist Stanton Macdonald-Wright’s abstract composition bears the enigmatic title The Sound of a Cracked Temple Bell is also Hot Under a Summer Moon, and is a burst of superimposed colors reflective of his early “symchromies”.  Holly Lane’s equally mysteriously titled work Unknown to Others She Awaited The Arrival of The Winged Seeds is one her unmistakable carved wood constructions in which she always imbeds a painted composition.  In this instance, the indecipherable scene is that of a large elephant and small chick before a mythical land/seascape.
Other works included in Summer Selections are Tular Tefair’s imagined, twilight composition Space Always Marks the Territory, Stephen Brown’s bucolic Near Cipières, France, Bill Vuksanovich’s watercolor titled Fan of Tulips, Raymond Han’s elegant still life Day Lilies, Aconite and Serpent and Wade Schuman’s ballpoint pen drawings of cows. The exhibition also includes examples by other living artists such as Robert Bauer, William Beckman, Robert Cottingham, Vico Fabbris, Paul Fenniak, Michael Goldberg, Sean Henry, Peter Krausz, David Mach, and Mark Podwal.

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