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Voodoo Child:  The Interior Journey of Artist Gregg Stone
August 6 – 31, 2005
Artist’s Reception:  Saturday, August 6, 7-9pm

Space on Spurgeon, An Urbane Gallery of Art
210 N. Spurgeon Street, Santa Ana 92701
Contact, JoAnne Artman
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Gallery hours, Saturday and Sunday 1-4pm, and by appointment
First Saturday of every month 7-9pm

Gregg Stone, Viaje al Interior (Interior Journey)

SpaceOnSpurgeon welcomes the talent of artist Gregg Stone, whose works of Hispanic/Latino life are shown in museums and collections around Southern California, Mexico, and internationally. Please join us for the artist reception on Saturday, August 6 from 7-9pm. This extraordinary exhibit continues through August 31.

When you step into Gregg Stone's persistent and vibrant vision of Hispanic/Latino culture, life and art come together at an emotional crossroad. Through the eyes of the figures, a calm and resilient façade belie a restless spirit; an instinct for survival. Exterior and interior views shift between foreground and background, bathed in light and shadow and bold colors; character and activity. Who are these people? Where have they just been? Where are they going?  

SpaceOnSpurgeon proudly presents Gregg Stone's controversial Cuba series and his provocative Tijuana series. Taken from his own photographs, Stone uses watercolor, gouache, and ink to create a modern realistic portrait of Hispanic/Latino life, transforming each canvas into a unique and timeless expression. From Cuba, enjoy the breeze in Trade Winds and spy a lithe naked form, almost hidden. Climb aboard the back of the Banana Republic truck or join the Viejitas (little old ladies) for a stroll. Stand in line for Daily Bread. Or play witness to the women of the night of Tijuana, by day, proud and strong in Standing with Susanna. Finally, confront your own persistent vision in Voodoo Child and ask: Do I dare to eat of this fruit?        
SNEAK PEEKS of Patrick Maisano's mystical and enchanting paintings, whose work was featured in the movie MEET THE FOCKERS; and Peruvian artist Braddy Romero, fantastical images take flight.

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SpaceOnSpurgeon is located at 210 N. Spurgeon Street off of First Street, and is open Saturdays and Sundays 1-4pm and by appointment. Visit the first Saturday of any month to coincide with the Artist Village Open House. Street parking is available directly in front of the Gallery as well as the Artist Village Parking structure located at Third Street and Broadway. Take a stroll through the galleries and studios. See a live performance or hang out and enjoy the music. See art come alive in Downtown Santa Ana.

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