The Los Angeles Center for Digital Art in association with EZTV, the CyberSpace Gallery, the SIGGRAPH Art Gallery and the SIGGRAPH Guerilla Studio presents:
Synapse: Art Exhibition and Panel Discussion
Victor Acevedo, David Em, Kate Johnson, Tony Longson,  Michael Masucci, Anneliese Varaldiev, Michael Wright
July 31 – September 3, 2005
Opening Reception: Sunday, July 31, 8-10pm
Tuesday, Aug 2, 10am-12:30pm
SIGGRAPH Conference, Los Angeles Convention Center
Thursday, Aug 18, 8-10pm.
Los Angeles Center for Digital Art

107 West Fifth Street, Los Angeles, CA 90013
Contact: Rex Bruce
323 646 9427
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Hours: Wednesday - Saturday, noon – 5pm

SYNAPSE  is a group exhibition of seven artists who made a difference by not only pursuing their personal aesthetics but because they operated in such a way as to build bridges between art forms and art communities. The exhibition highlights some of the key accomplishments of the last quarter-century in the development of the Southern California digital art scene.

SYNAPSE: the panel
Bridging the gap: Art, Artists, Technology and the Art establishment.

This two and a half hour panel sponsored by The University of California Los Angeles Extension and Otis College of Art + Design in association with, the SIGGRAPH Art Gallery and the SIGGRAPH Guerilla Studio will be free to the general public and will be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center during the SIGGRAPH 2005 Conference, Tuesday Aug 2, 10:00 am to 12:30 pm

Panelists:   David Em, Yoichiro Kawaguchi, Jennifer Steinkamp, Michael Masucci, Bruce Wands, Sue Gollifer, Tony Longson.
Moderators: Tom Leeser Art Durinski, Michael Wright

To attend this free panel one must obtain a SIGGRAPH'05 exhibits only pass using the code Son249. Instructions: Go to and click on Registration. Select the Online Registration link at this page and then choose the Attendee option. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Exhibits Only selection and enter your Exhibits Only Code which is Son249 where specified. In addition, there is an opportunity to upgrade registration to the Exhibits Plus for $25.00 that includes additional benefits during the show to include the Art Gallery, Emerging Technologies, the Guerilla Studio, the Cyber Fashion Show, among other events. Once the registration process is complete, a Summary Page will follow to view the information that was entered. If all information is correct, submit your registration and a confirmation number will be provided

Panel Room Number is Exhibitor Tech Talk Room #1

The session will be held in the back of the Exhibition Hall in the   Exhibitor Tech Talk Room. The session will start at the same time  that the Exhibition Hall opens for the week. In order to get you to  the session on time, we request that you gather at the entrance to  the Electronic Theater prior to 10 AM. The Electronic Theater entrance is on the same level as the Exhibition Hall main entrance. As you  face the entrance to the Exhibition Hall, the Electronic Theater   entrance will be to your right. You will be escorted from that  location to the Exhibitor Tech Talk Room up to the time that the Exhibition Hall opens at 10am.


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