Yong-Yoon Kim, "Korean Ceramicist"
August 4–August 20, 2005
Opening reception: Thursday, August 4, 6-8pm

3850 Wilshire Blvd #107, Los Angeles, CA 90010
Directors, Susan Baik and May Chung  
E-mail, <>
Web site, <>

Hours, Tuesday - Saturday, 11am - 5pm

(l.) Yong-Yoon Kim, Salt-Glazed Bowl, 14 x 14 x 8 inches.
(r.) Yong-Yoon Kim, Buncheong Jar, 7.5 x 7.5 x 7 inches.

AndrewShire Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition of handmade objects by Korean ceramic artist, Yong-Yoon Kim whose work honors many of the traditional art practices established throughout the history of Asian pottery and ceramics.  At the same time Mr. Kim’s work emphasizes beauty, craft and usefulness within his notion of ceramic art for living, it also expresses a uniquely individual approach to working with earthen clays.  AndrewShire is proud to support Yong-Yoon Kim by providing a backdrop where he can present challenging traditional, new and experimental work to a Los Angeles audience.  Throughout this effort, he too becomes an integral member of our art community.

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