Graham Caldwell, “Dark Field View”
June 9 – July 14, 2007
Opening Reception:  Saturday, June 9, 7-9pm

125 W. 4th St., Los Angeles, CA 90013
T: 213.621.4055
F: 213.613.0009
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Gallery hours, Tuesday – Saturday, 11am-5pm

The nature of optics, and the act of seeing is a common thread in the glass sculptures of Graham Caldwell’s solo debut at Bank. Dark Field View refers to the method of lighting microscope slides to better see the transparent, glasslike micro animals. Once their edges create a ghostly while border against a dark background, a way is provided to look at these organisms, a method to explore what is nearby and all around - like a drop of water teeming with strange life.
Attracted to the more visceral and water like qualities of glass, Caldwell’s structures cluster organic shapes that appear to melt or drip from the wall. Repetition of shapes, reflection and magnification permeate the work
. Caldwell starts by creating his pieces in a glass blowing studio, employing ancient glass making techniques. He makes his glass creations first; the blobs, wands and tusks, before adding steel structures that serve to mount the work.
In pieces such as Flagella, long sinewy arms reach toward the viewer with a delicate hook at their end, cradling a strand or rope of glass, much like water that had been flowing and has now somehow been instantly frozen and made permanent.
For Proprioceptor, a large surveillance like piece, Caldwell has assembled about 40 circular mirrors, attached to hinged brackets that twist and turn in all directions.  The intention is to overwhelm the viewer with images; a distorted and multifaceted nature of looking, and the oppressiveness of being watched and monitored.
Graham Caldwell is a Washington DC based artist working primarily with glass. He has exhibited with Corcoran Gallery of Art, The Octagon Museum (the oldest museum in the US dedicated to design and architecture) and Moca Washington, DC. Caldwell’s work has been reviewed in Artforum, Artnet, Sculpture Magazine and the Washington Post. This is Caldwell’s west coast debut.

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