thinkspace presents:
“ODD” featuring new works, collaboration and an installation from Lola and Chet Zar
June 9 - July 8, 2006
Opening Reception: Friday, June 9, 2006 from 7 PM until Midnight

Gallery information (please note we have recently moved):
4210 Santa Monica Blvd. (near Sunset Junction), Los Angles, CA 90029
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Our full exhibition line up for 2006 is available for viewing on our site.
Gallery hours: Thursday through Sunday 1-6 PM (or by appointment)

Thinkspace is pleased to present “ODD”, an exhibit that brings together two of Southern California’s brightest young stars. Having long admired one another’s work, this marks the first time that the two have been able to collaborate and show together. “ODD” will feature the first installation from both, as well as a large body of new work from each artist. While their subject matter may be relatively dark in nature, they still incorporate elements of whimsy and dark humor into their works that regularly welcome new admirers into their bizarre worlds.  

Lola’s statement:
Born 1975 in Riverside, CA I was the first of three children, each one as different as night and day. I've embraced my creativity for as long as I can remember. I suffered a miserably normal childhood, relying predominately on my imagination to get me through it. I moved myself around a few times, working as a tattoo artist and there I found my true love of painting during the slow seasons. My veins bleed acrylic, and believe I’m obsessed by the need to create. I enjoy the stranger things in life, and this is reflected through my work.

I am at a point in my life where the small things really matter. Life is so simple when you are young. Where the land of make believe feels real. Where ballerinas loom, and fleas are tiny balloons. Imaginary friends bring on the mischief, and you just go along for the ride with not a worry in the world.

I have just finished illustrating the first of many subversive children's books with text written by my brilliant partner Amanda Propaganda. Please look for it in the near future.

Those I draw inspiration from include my dad, Salvador Dali, Michael Hussar, Goya, Edward Gorey, Tim Burton, Mark Teague, Daniel Adel, Frida Kahlo, and of course my childhood favorites Mercer Mayer,Maurice Sendak and Charles Schultz.

Artist website:
Chet Zar’s statement:
I was born on November 12th, 1967, in San Pedro, CA. My interest in art began at an early age. The first thing I can remember drawing was a turtle at age 3. My mother was always very supportive and never put any limits on my creativity. My entire childhood was spent drawing, sculpting and painting.
My interest in the darker side of art began in the earliest stages of my life. An emotionally unstable father and subsequent volatile family life fostered within me a deep connection to horror movies. I could relate to the feelings of fear, anxiety and isolation. These are themes which had permeated most of my childhood drawings and paintings and are reflected in my work to this day
My combined interest in horror movies and art eventually culminated into a career as a special effects make up artist, designer and sculptor for the motion picture industry, designing and creating creatures and prosthetic effects for such films as, “The Ring”, “Hellboy”, “Planet of the Apes” and the critically acclaimed music videos for the art/metal band, Tool. For the last 7 years I have also embraced the digital side of special effects as well, creating digital 3D animation for Tool’s live shows and releasing many of them on my own DVD of dark 3d animation, “Disturb the Normal”
But the many years I spent dealing with all of the politics and artistic compromises of the film industry left me feeling creatively stagnant. At the beginning of 2000 (at the suggestion of best selling horror author Clive Barker), I decided to go back to my roots and focus my own original works and try my hand at fine art. The result has been a renewed sense of purpose and artistic freedom that I haven’t felt since I was a child.
My artistic influences include painter James Zar (my stepfather and artistic mentor), Giger, Beksinski, Escher, Bosch and Norman Rockwell just to name a few.
“Chet's art is beautiful & scary. His style has a modern twist crashing into a classical approach. I think Chet is a master painter on his way to making a great mark in our little world. Wanna do something smart with your money? Invest in a Chet Zar painting.” – Adam Jones (TOOL)

Artist website:

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Our full exhibition line up for 2006 is available for viewing on our site.

Fritz Aragon
- Eduardo Benedetto
- Nathan Cartwright
- Sean Christopher
- Cam De Leon
- Lori Earley
- J. P. Elliot
- Craig La Rotonda
- Gabe Leonard
- Jose Lopez
- Angie Mason
- Scott Musgrove
- James Naccarato
- Richard Olmsted
- Christopher Owen
- Kevin Peterson
- Nathan Spoor

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