Los Angeles Art Association/Gallery 825 Presents. . .
Group Show:
- A collaborative installation exhibition directed by artist Tim Hawkinson
Solo Shows:
Lana Shuttleworth – “Regenerative Life and Art”
Robin McCauley – “Grapht”
Dori Atlantis – “Windward”
June 24 – July 21, 2006
Reception: Saturday, June 24, 6-9pm (“Conversations with the Artists” 6-7pm)

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LAAA/Gallery 825 is proud to present Sweater, a collaborative installation directed by celebrated artist Tim Hawkinson, featuring Michele Jaquis, Arthur Pembleton, Sharon Kagan, Meeson Pae Yang, Neil Fenn and Sophia Allison. An expansion of a program piloted at Gallery 825 in 2005, this exhibition furthers LAAA’s commitment to providing ongoing opportunities for emerging artists by providing direct mentoring opportunities with noted art professionals. Mr. Hawkinson brings his singular intellect and whimsy to bear as he guides six artists on this special collaborative exhibition.

Left to right:  Lana Shuttleworth, Robin McCauley, Dori Atlantis

Solo Shows:  

Lana Shuttleworth – “Regenerative Life and Art” Surviving in the fast, quick and relentless urban environment of Los Angeles, artist Lana Shuttleworth uncovers a man-made organic nature from the cast offs of our "throwaway culture of commodity.” Using the flesh-like, leathery plastic of safety cones as her medium, Shuttleworth supersedes the intended form and use of these commonplace urban materials to expose our dependency on plastics refined from fossil fuels, specifically petroleum. Shuttleworth regenerates man-made organic forms, from urban detritus to heighten awareness of consumption of non-renewable natural resources.

Robin McCauley – “Grapht” McCauley’s latest work jettisons the found object, taking interest in the unexpected relationship between a minimal shape and a labor intensive process. McCauley’s installation at Gallery 825 revisits formal structure and reveals a passion for the anthropomorphic and the absurd through an unexpected addition: hair.

Dori Atlantis – “Windward” Atlantis began stripping and bending branches into forms while mourning her mother’s death in 1993. These early pieces were allowed to weather, dry, crack, mold and finally fall apart, resulting in natural processes within a landscape format. Inspired by nature and landscape, Atlantis alters the materials while striving to retain their unique characteristics.  Growing the branches and digging the adobe dirt from her own yard, Atlantis combines the languages of art and nature to reflect the transient and fragile qualities of life through landscape forms.
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