Solo Show of new works by Julie Brown Smith
June 17 -23 , 2006
Date of Reception: Saturday, June 17, 7-10pm
Music entertainment during reception provided by:  Sean Smith

6826 Troost Ave, North Hollywood, Ca 91605
Contact: Marina Kieser
818-503-5999, fax 818-503-5995
Web site,
Gallery hours, Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm

Julie Brown Smith,"the worst echo in your mind like a reoccuring dream", 11"x14", ink on canvas.

Art Pic is proud to present Julie Brown Smith’s new works “Maybe not the same day, but obscure no less.”

Smith’s work is about people.  Everyday situations, and what goes on around us unnoticed as we go through our lives as observers and as the observed, sometimes aware and often oblivious.

The works are no postcards, but a way of looking inside cities and at the people who inhabit them.  Capturing the essence of private moments in public spaces that are familiar to us all.

Julie Brown Smith is a painter and printmaker based in Monterey, California.  Her work, which includes ink on canvas paintings, pencil drawings, and prints, has been exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions.

Her work has also been featured on several television series, including Six Feet Under, ER, Joey, Las Vegas.

Julie Brown Smith’s work is in numerous national and international collections, including that of Eric Clapton, Mr & Mrs Justin Dart, Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporations, The Black Ministerial Alliance of Greater Boston, and the Central Boston Elder Services.

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