25th Anniversary Celebration:
Show I   
June 30 - August 14, 2005
Receptions:  July 2, 2005  6 - 10 pm & August 6, 2005  6 - 10 pm
Show II         
August 19th - September 23, 2005
Receptions:  August 20, 2005  6 - 10 pm & September 3, 2005 6 - 10 pm

The Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (OCCCA)
[Celebrating 25 years]
Located in the heart of the Artists Village, 117 N. Sycamore (at Second Street), Santa Ana, CA 92701
For enquires please contact John Newlander

(714) 667-1517
Web Site: <>
Gallery Hours: Wednesday through Sunday, 11 to 4 p.m

Bob Aisawa, "No More #71", 2005

25th Anniversary Celebration:
Show I   
Bob Aisawa, Ruth Ann Anderson, Eileen Anderson, Stephen Anderson, Slater Barron, Tari Brand,  Faith Colmar, Jeffrey Crussell, Janice DeLoof, Dee Di Salvo, Jorge Dubin, Susan Elizade-Holler, Kebe Fox, Diana Frawley, Jeffrey Frisch, Suvan Geer, Mary Frances Giacolone, Nancy Harlan, Francoise Issaly, Ray Jacob, Libby Jennings, Kathleen Kaplan, Pamela Keilson, Claudia Kilby, Mildred Kouzel, Janet Mackaig, Patrick Merrill, Frank Miller, Linda Miser, John Newlander, Lloyd Rodgers, Sergio Salgaldo-Dirzo, Connie Sasso, Mike Sasso, Paul Silkowski, Grace Songolo, Clayton Spada, Eric Strauss,  Jean Towgood, Marsha Turner-Pluhar, Patricia Turnier,  Richard White, Patricia Whiteside-Phillips, Darlyn Susan Yee

Show II
Bardene Allen, Ann Anson, Suki Berg, Barbara Berk, Richard Bohn, Angie Bray, Marcia Cox, Leslie D. Davis, Sandy Deeks, Roberta Eisenberg, Marilyn Ellis, Theresa Fernald, George Geisler, Carol Goldmark, Lilla Hangay, Roya Hassas, Chizuko Higuchi, Laura Hines-Jurgens, Jaqueline Rieder Hud, Marsha Judd, Alya Kalinich, Jen Hsin Lin, Dana Lovell, Janet Mackaig, Bobbie Mandel, Karena Massengill, Denis Monsin, Nancy Mooslin, Pamela Mower-Conner, Charlotte Myers, Bart Palisi, Bob Pece, Ann Phong, Joseph Puleo, Carol Saindon, Russell Sasaki, Eileen Shabazian, Miriam Smith, Bob Tartter, Barbara Thompson, Pamela Grau Twena, Celeste “Shorty” Vasalli, Carole Williams-Gelker, R. Lee Willmore, Randall Zorn

Summer Artist Forums, Concerts and Performances:
July 8    Artist: Cheryl Ekstrom     7 - 9 pm
July 15   Artists: Ruth Ann Anderson & John Newlander    7 - 9 pm
July 22   Artist: Janice DeLoof    7- 9 pm
July 29   Artist: Jeffrey Frisch    7 - 9 pm
TBA       Lloyd Rodger's Summer Concert Series - Check for dates and times on our website: <>
Aug 5    Artists: Barbara Berk & Carole Williams Gelker  7 - 9 pm
Aug 12   Kathy Poppers: Accredited Senior Member of American Society of Appraisers specializing in personal property/fine art "Understanding Your Art Career"
Aug 19   Ashley McClean: "The Business of Art"  7 - 9pm The Art of Marketing your Art
Aug 26   Phyllis Lutjean: 7 - 9 pm        "Is There Such a Thing as Art?"    
Sept 9    Artist: Bob Aisawa   7 - 9 pm
Sept 16   Artists: Suvan Geer & Barbara Thompson  7 - 9 pm
Sept 23   Artist: Marilyn Ellis   7 - 9 pm

In 1980 a group of California State University of Fullerton graduate students founded The Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (OCCCA). These artists were committed to creating an alternate art space in Orange County that would serve the community through a dedication to uncensored freedom of artistic _expression. OCCCA's ability to survive and remain critically vital over the past 25 years is a testament to its ability to maintain a relevant voice in the contemporary conversations of Orange County. OCCCA has seen several "changes of the guard" throughout its existence. Yet despite the changing list of artists, directors, and officers, OCCCA's exhibition practices have always reflected its adherence to the mission that its founding members inspired: "OCCCA's purpose is the pursuit of professional excellence and freedom of _expression in the arts. It provides emerging and established artists a forum to explore and develop ideas in contemporary art." In 1983 Suvan Geer, one of the original founders and the then current director of OCCCA, wrote: "Something really can be done to bring good, contemporary work before the public in Orange County, to educate and expose the community." Indeed OCCCA has lived up to this challenge. Those who have patronized OCCCA over the years have seen the diversity of conversations that the art exhibited within these walls have stimulated. Sometimes the conversations have been controversial, testing art's ability to broaden society's viewpoints beyond conventional norms. Other times the messages have been more sedate and mainstream, challenging consideration of the meaning of art within a contemporary context. But always, the art in these galleries have reflected the uncensored artistic _expression of the contemporary artist. OCCCA continues to provide a supportive environment for unfettered artistic _expression. When allowed to express oneself freely, without concerns for "commercial" acceptance, the artist is free to create art that is honest and personal and as a result, socially important.

In 2005 OCCCA is continuing to influence and be influenced by its local community. We exist today because our founders drafted a mission statement that was timeless, because our membership has continued to honor and adhere to this founding mission, and because the community of Orange County has supported our mission in ways too numerous to list.

Twenty-Five years of OCCCA history is represented by the works in this exhibition. It is rare that an artist cooperative becomes an established force within a community. However, OCCCA remains an important and vital voice in Orange County thanks to: the artists represented in this show, all former and current OCCCA members/artists, our public patrons who continue to provide critical support of our efforts, the City of Santa Ana for its commitment to the arts and to OCCCA's relevance, the County of Orange for its continuing recognition of OCCCA's social importance.

John Newlander, Executive Director, OCCCA 2005

Orange County Center for Contemporary Art is an artist run California nonprofit corporation.  OCCCA affiliate artists are committed to presenting contemporary art exhibitions in an atmosphere conducive to discussion without censorship .

OCCCA is located at the corner of 2nd and Sycamore in the Santa Ana Artists Village.  There is no entrance fee.  Please see the web site for more information, <> , or call the gallery during regular operating hours, Wednesday to Sunday 11 AM to 4 PM during exhibitions.
Maps and other area events please see <>.

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