Grand Central Art Center, Main Gallery and Project Room presents:
Exquisite Electric, multi media exhibition
Featured artists: Tony Ousler, John Slepian, Marianne Magne, Jim Campbell, Adam Chapman, and Camille Utterback.
July 2 – September 18, 2005     

Grand Central Art Center Rental and Sales Gallery presents:
Connected by Chance, multi media exhibition
Featured artists: Jeffery Crussel, Karla Leopold, Erica C. Ryan, Kurt Simonson and jewelry design by Erin Numora.
July 2 – 31, 2005
Opening Reception (both shows): Saturday, July 2nd 7 – 10p.m.

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Featured artists (Clockwise from top left): Tony Ousler, John Slepian, Marianne Magne, Jim Campbell, Adam Chapman, and Camille Utterback.

We selected works for “Exquisite Electric” that use the tools of new media to explore human perceptions, emotions, what it is that makes us feel human, relationships between information and meaning, and the deconstruction and reconstruction of the human body. Each of these works is a poetic expression.

“Connected by Chance” is a group exhibition of artists working in various mediums that investigate issues of dreams, mental health, personal identity and belief systems. Each artist uses distinct art processes to communicate changing personal and cultural issues. Collectively these artists string together a view of ourselves, our culture and experiences we all share.         
Jeffery Crussel experiments with building materials, poured paint, language and illustration to interpret and understand dreams. Karla Leopold a mental health therapist translates her discoveries through elaborate woven sculpture. Erica C. Ryan discusses gender politics through painting multiples of familiar imagery and sculptural self portrait. Kurt Simonson’s color photographs juxtapose aspects of faith, religion and changing values.

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