thinkspace presents:
“East To West”
featuring installations, collaboration and new works from
Yoskay Yamamoto, Tanner Goldbeck (Racecar 13) and J. Shea (#9)
May 12 - June 3, 2006
Opening Reception: Friday, May 12, 7pm - Midnight

657 N. Spaulding Avenue (just off Melrose, two blocks east of Fairfax), Los Angeles, CA 90036
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Our full exhibition line up for 2006 is available for viewing on our site.
Gallery hours: Thursday through Sunday 1-6PM (or by appointment)

Thinkspace is pleased to present “East To West”, an exhibit that brings together three inspiring talents who met in a small central coast town in California where they were all living and working at the time. After exhibiting together in local art shows and collaborating with one another on both paintings and sculpture, including large-scale murals about town, the three went their separate ways, but have kept in close touch with one another and with “East To West”, their experiences and influences will have a chance to feed off one another yet again. This show will focus on where they came from, where they are now, and where the future is taking them. Expect numerous collaborations and a series of installations, including a rumored invasion of Shnurfs.

Yoskay Yamamoto (aka Y2) bio / statement:
Yoskay Yamamoto was born in the Land of the Rising Sun. Yamamoto spent his youth idolizing Japanese graphic novels and playing with Lego Blocks for hours on end.

In 1997 Yamamoto moved to Santa Barbara, CA to experience the Western culture and study abroad, where he experimented with various forms of art, including everything from Ukiyo-e to graffiti to Picasso.

Recently Yamamoto moved to San Francisco, where he paints and lives as a starving student artist.

Artist website:

Tanner Goldbeck (aka Racecar 13) bio / statement:
Born in Maryland and growing up in and around Baltimore, Tanner Goldbeck graduated from the Maryland Institute College Of Art in the early ‘90s, before moving to New Jersey to attend the Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art. Currently living and working freelance in downtown Los Angeles. Prior to his move to Los Angeles, Goldbeck worked for Powell Skateboards in Santa Barbara after honing his skills in the screen printing business. Working as a commercial artist, he has tackled everything from illustration and design to all facets of production work. Skateboards, snowboards, clothing, motorcycle helmets… along the way he’s sketched, painted and screen printed on just about everything that can be imagined. The combined experience and exposure to so many different avenues of expression have been processed and fed back in his work.

Artist website:

J. Shea (aka #9) bio / statement:
Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts, J. Shea was heavily influenced when growing up by the strong Boston and NYC music scenes and greatly admired the accompanying show posters of that time. Going on to graduate from The Art Institute of Boston in the late ‘80s, where he studied illustration, painting and sculpture, Shea has lived in several cites across the U.S. since, on both the east and west coasts, all the while ingesting the vast array of influences along his travels.

Shea currently works and resides in downtown Los Angeles, where his talents have helped in the creation of everything from sneakers and graphic books to rock posters and puppets. No matter what it is, Shea takes great pride in creating everything by hand. His fine art is a combination of all his favorite mediums, brought together to create wonderful works of sculpture and assemblage art.

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Stella Im Hultberg
- Amy Sol
- Soopjdelux (aka Jenna Colby)
- John Michael Gill
- Sophia Pottish
- Blinky
- Zoso
- Josh Clay
- Lesley Reppeteaux
- Ekundayo
- And many more. . .

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Gallery sponsors:
Sour Harvest
Cannibal Flower
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Rumors are already out that thinkspace are being told that they have to leave their current location and I'm sad to report that these rumors are indeed true.
The May opening, "East To West", remains unaffected by this recent disturbing chain of events and will still open on Friday, May 12th from 7PM until midnight at our current location and the show will go through the end of May (at which point we will have to leave). This is the last show at the current space, so please be sure to come out and catch what promises to be one of the best installations yet.
In the next couple weeks we will be spreading word via every avenue possible with word of thinkspace’s new location.
There will be NO break in our show schedule and "ODD" featuring Lola and Chet Zar will open on schedule on Fri, June 9th at our new location. After this, all future shows will continue on as planned at the new location.
Please know we couldn't have come this far without all your support, which has meant so much to us and is the fuel for our fire right now to keep this going. So many amazing things already lined up and so much more in the works.
Stay tuned to our site and for all the latest. Thank you!

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