The Captiva Collection
Polaroids by Naida Osline
In the Project Room: Jenna Gallemore
May 20 - June 23, 2006
Reception for the Artists: Saturday, May 20, 6-8pm

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About The Exhibit
Since 1999, Naida Osline has been photographing people in public places; on the street, at events, in conventions, workplaces and shopping malls.  The subjects are individuals who assume the identity of pop culture icons, historical figures, fictional characters and animals.  The images also include pictures of people with applications of medical devices, clothing or other miscellaneous details that create the impression of a costume, an exaggeration or a layering of identity.

Through this work, Osline is partly acting as an anthropologist, searching for and cataloging the unusual or excessive.  The series is named after the camera, Captiva, to reflect the hunting or capturing of images.  Taken together, they form a collection of sorts.  The images are organized and classified as specimens and placed in general categories based on criteria such as formal qualities, assumed identity or like-minded transformations. The Captiva Collection work is a body of work that is a precursor to the work with which Osline is most identified-- photo-based work that deals with the body as a site of transformation.
Osline shows at Acuna-Hansen Gallery in Los Angeles, where she has had two solo exhibitions. She has also been included in several group exhibitions in the U.S. and Canada since 1999.
Jenna Gallemore
The Office is also pleased to present to our audience Long Beach based artist Jenna Gallemore in our project room. Jenna’s intimate and gritty polaroids survey and capture the darker edge of youth culture. Her subjects are drawn from the music, street and drug subcultures where anything goes. This will be Jenna’s first show in the local area.

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