Ben Maltz Gallery at Otis College of Art and Design is pleased to present the installation
Infrasense by artists KIT and Robert Saucier
Exhibition Dates: May 5 – July 1, 2006
Opening Reception: Friday, May 5, 6-9 pm
with an introduction by the artists at 7:30pm

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Infrasense, 2005
Quartier éphémère, Montréal, Canada
Photo: Ayca Cakmakli

Infrasense—an installation created by KIT (a fluxing collaborative team of international artists, writers, architects and programmers who have been active since 1995) and Canadian artist Robert Saucier—is on view at the Ben Maltz Gallery at Otis College of Art and Design May 5-July 1, 2006. The artists are working with terminology adopted by Internet technology like worms, back doors, Trojan horses, and bugs that are metaphors for viral activities happening to our desktops and laptops in our work and home environments. The Infrasense project takes the Trojan horse and the bug—two digitally bound elements that live and replicate on the Internet—and makes them physical entities inside the gallery controlled partially by the Internet and visitor.  

Nine silver Trojan horses on nine parallel tracks (like in the old carnival horse racing games), move forward and backward at a very slow, almost imperceptible pace. Like the original Trojan horse, each horse represents a type of virus that is deceptive in its intent. On the back of each horse is a plastic backpack (refashioned computers) that emits sound. As the audience enters the gallery, each backpack whispers in a different voice.

Roving amidst the pre-programmed horses are three robotic bugs. The bugs are refashioned computer parts, and are controlled remotely in three different ways: one is controlled by a hand-held device provided to gallery visitors; one is controlled by someone on the Internet; and one is pre-programmed by the artists.

The bugs move fast dodging between the horses. When a bug nears one of the horses, the sound emitted from the horse’s backpack is amplified so visitors can hear it clearly. When a clear signal is broadcast, gallery visitors hear various people talking about real experiences fighting both biological and technological viruses.  

The overall thematic experience of the installation breaks down to a struggle for control—the conqueror and the conquered. The installation approaches the dual nature of our existence on a metaphorical versus literal plane; biological versus technological; healthy versus compromised. For more information about this project or KIT visit  and

Infrasense has exhibited at Interaccess at the Electronic Media Art Centre in Toronto, Canada; Folly Gallery at the Media Art Center in Lancaster, UK; and in Kunstencentrum Vodruit in Ghent, Belgium. At the end of the tour, the artists are creating an exhibition catalog documenting all of the installations at each venue and featuring essays by Roberta Buiani from Canada and Italy, and DX Raiden from the United Kingdom.  

The exhibition at Otis College of Art and Design is funded in part by The David Bermant Foundation: Color, Light, Motion. The project is funded in part by the Arts Council England, Canadian High Commission London, Hexagram: Institute Research/Creation in Media Arts and Technologies, OPEQ: Ordinateurs pour les écoles du Québec, UQÁM: Université de Québec á Montréal, and Conseil des arts et lettres de Québec.

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