thinkspace presents:
Picks of the Harvest: Batch Four group show featuring over 300 works of art from 120 artists representing 21 states and 10 countries
Also showing in our project room:
It’s Never Real With You
featuring new works from Joshua Krause
Both shows run: April 13 - 27, 2007
Opening Reception: Friday, April 13, 6 - 11pm

4210 Santa Monica Blvd. (near Sunset Junction), Los Angles, CA 90029
Contact, Andrew Hosner                                                       
Web site,
Our full exhibition line up for 2007 is available for viewing on our site.
Look for our 2007 exhibit schedule to be announced soon.
Gallery hours: Thursday through Sunday 1-6 PM (or by appointment)

Show overview:
With Picks of the Harvest we strive to spotlight the artists that we feel represent the upper echelon of the new contemporary art movement along with artists still on the ‘come up’ that we admire. A collection of the art stars of tomorrow if you will. With Batch Four, our latest installment in this ongoing exhibition series, we have thrown caution to the wind. We will be packing our walls salon-style with over 300 works from 120 artists who were invited from all facets of the scene including commercial illustration, graffiti, graphic design, tattooing, animators, and many still in art school. Picks of the Harvest: Batch Four is a behemoth of a show. A virtual visual overload promising a staggering array of artistic styles and techniques await our patrons this April.
124 artists. 21 states. 10 countries. Over 300 works of art.
Featured installation in our front room from:
John Michael Gill <>   
Sophia Pottish <>
Also featuring installations in our main gallery space from:
Derek Weisberg <>
Matt Burlingame <>  
Featured artists:
2H (Seattle, WA) /
Erik Abel (Portland, OR) /
Derek Albeck (Los Angeles, CA) /
Jason Shawn Alexander (Los Angeles, CA) /
Angry Woebots (Honolulu, HI) /
Maria Arango (Medellin, Colombia) / <>   
Toshi Asai (Tokyo, Japan) / <>  
Attaboy (Albany, CA) /
Thomas Lee Bakofsky (Los Angeles, CA) /
Chris Barnickel (Dana Point, CA) /
Leanne Biank (Philadelphia, PA) /
Blinky (Los Angeles, CA) / <>
Doug Boehm (Bethlehem, PA) /
Michael Brown (The Plains, VA) / <>  
Shahid Brown (Studio City, CA) /
Ryan Bubnis (Portland, OR) /
Mike Burnett (Rocky River, OH) /
Freddi C. (Culver City, CA) /
Scott Campbell (San Francisco, CA) /  
Jeaneen Carlino (Los Angeles, CA) / <>  
John Casey (Oakland, CA) /
Nicoletta Ceccoli (Borgo Maggiore, Republic of San Marino) /
Paul Chatem (Los Angeles, CA) /
Kris Chau (Philadelphia, PA) /
Anthony Clarkson (Arkansas City, KS)
Joshua Clay (Long Beach, CA) /
Jenna “Soopajdelux” Colby (Seattle, WA) /
L. Croskey (Los Angeles, CA)
Matt Dangler (Demarest, NJ) /
Jim “Jimbot” Demski Jr. (Milwaukee, WI)
Camilla D'Errico (Vancouver, British Columbia) /
Deseo (Kansas City, MO) /
Nicholas “Medium” Di Genova (Toronto, Ontario) /
Downtimer (San Francisco, CA) /
Brandon Dunlap (Tampa, FL) /
Jarrod Eastman (Bozeman, MT)
Ekundayo (Oahu, HI) /
Camilla Engman (Gothenburg, Sweden) /
Faith 47 (Cape Town, South Africa) /
Matthew “Driftwould” Feyld (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan) /
Julio Stanley Flores (Jersey City, NJ) / <>  
Alex Garcia (Los Angeles, CA)
Ashley Goldberg (St. Louis, MO) /
Joe Hahn (Los Angeles, CA)
Kelly Haigh (Vancouver, British Columbia) /
Evan B. Harris (Portland, OR) /
Josh Hart (Los Angeles, CA) /
Dennis “7Teen” Hayes IV (Detroit, MI) /
Heiko (Heidelberg, Germany) /
Andrew Hem (Los Angeles, CA) /
David Ho (Fremont, CA) / <>  
Phill Holmes (Plymouth, Devon) /
Maxwell Loren Holyoke-Hirsch (San Diego, CA) /
Katy Horan (New York, NY) /
Brian Horton (Aliso Viejo, CA) /
Jesse Hotchkiss (Los Angeles, CA) /
Nathan Huang (Los Angeles, CA) /
Pamela Jaeger (San Diego, CA) / <>  
Sarah Joncas (Niagara Falls, Ontario) /
Kelly Lynn Jones (Los Angeles, CA) /
Rusty Jordan (Covina, CA) /
Mel Kadel (Los Angeles, CA) /
Timothy Karpinski (Portland, OR)
Ken Keirns (Chicago, IL) /
Josh Keyes (San Francisco, CA) /
Dan-ah Kim (New York, NY) /
James “Thesis” Kirkpatrick (London, Ontario) /
Caia Koopman (Oceanside, CA) /
Jesse LeDoux (Providence, RI) /
Tiffany Liu (Los Angeles, CA) /
Jennifer Lobo (Pasadena, CA) /
Lizz Lopez (Los Angeles, CA) /
Brandon Maldonado (Albuquerque, NM) /
Angie Mason (Garfield, NJ) /
Mike Maxwell (El Cajon, CA) / <>  
Travis Millard (Los Angeles, CA) / <>  
Misha (Los Angeles, CA) <>
Melanie Moore (Los Angeles, CA)
Lyle Motley (Denver, CO) / <>  
Noferin (Carrara Island, Australia) <>  
Alex Pardee (San Francisco, CA) /
Daryll Peirce (Reno, NV) /
Shaunna Peterson (Yucaipa, CA) /
Tony Philippou (The Bronx, NY) /
Isaac Pierro (Los Angeles, CA) /
Lilly Piri (Gold Coast, Australia) /
Andrew Pommier (Vancouver, British Columbia) /
Dan Quintana (Los Angeles, CA) /
Julie Rasmussen (Los Angeles, CA) / <>  
Lesley Reppeteaux (Los Angeles, CA) /
Albert Reyes (Pasadena, CA)
Ryan Riss (Denver, CO) /
Johnny “KMNDZ” Rodriguez (Pomona, CA) /
Reuben Rude (San Francisco, CA) /
Robert Ryan (Boston, MA) / <>
Chris Ryniak (Bay Village, OH) /
Scott Scheidly (Orlando, FL) /
Rachel Schmidhofer (Pittsburgh, PA) /
J. Shea #9 (Los Angeles, CA) /
Erik Siador (Los Angeles, CA) /
Johnny Siu (San Francisco, CA) /
Michael Slack (Oakland, CA) /
Devin Smith (Los Angeles, CA)
Ryan Jacob Smith (Portland, OR) /
Brandon Steen (Toronto, Ontario) /
Alice Stribling (San Francisco, CA) / <>  
Gabe Swarr (Burbank, CA) /
Josh Taylor (Tarpon Springs, FL) /
Jon Todd (Whitby, Canada) /
Jennifer Tong (Brooklyn, NY) /
David van Alphen (Chicago, IL) / <>
Kelly Vivanco (San Diego, CA) /
Shane Vorhaben (Springfield, MO) /
Michele Waterman (Los Angeles, CA)
Natasha Wescoat (Detroit, MI) /
Julie West (Derby, England) /
P. Williams (Los Angeles, CA) /
Rachel J. Wong (Los Angeles, CA) /
Angelina Wrona (Merrickville, Ontario) /
Jaime “Germs” Zacarias (Los Angeles, CA) / <>


It’s Never Real With You featuring new works and an installation from Joshua Krause
Joshua Krause:
Even as a little boy, artist Joshua Krause (b.1977, NYC) found great pleasure in picking up the tiny pieces of trash that littered the ground, constantly reprimanded by his folks for picking things up with his hands. But one day, Joshua dropped down to his hands and knees on the sidewalk, lowered his head, and picked up a piece of gum with his mouth. It was this genius rationale that unquestionably pushed little Joshua in the direction of artist. Joshua lives in San Diego, and he uses paintbrushes, sandpaper, his hands, and yes, sometimes even his mouth.
His paintings and sculptures are manifestations of an obsession, humor, and hope in finding his individual path in a world that seems to be on another page. These "new relics" exist as both objects/ideas that take themselves too seriously on one end, and tongue-in-cheek on the other, created in a world that is simultaneously absurd and reasonable. Their meanings and symbols are to be studied and decoded as an archeologist or art historian would. They can also be viewed as the inside jokes and observations of a comedian piecing together his act.
His list of past clients includes the likes of Fuel TV (FOX Cable Networks), The New York Times, BPM Magazine, Revelation Records, San Diego City Beat and many more.
Artist website:

For further information regarding thinkspace events, exhibitions, art / artist information and press inquiries, please contact Andrew Hosner via or leave a message on the gallery's answering machine at #323.913.3375

Coming up on Sat, April 28th, 2007:
“Gimme Shelter” group show benefiting the homeless

Coming up on Fri, May 11th, 2007:
“Smitten” featuring new works from Audrey Kawasaki, Stella Im Hultberg, KuKula, Amy Sol and Brandi Milne

Coming up on Sat, June 2nd, 2007:
“Re:Mission” group show benefiting the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles

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